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Summary of reviewsHotel Saini in Stresa receives widespread acclaim for its excellent and strategic location, providing an ideal base for exploring the city's numerous attractions, shops, cafes and restaurants. Situated just a short walk from the lake and ferry dock, the hotel allows for convenient access to boat excursions, including trips to the picturesque Borromean Islands. Guests also appreciate the availability of free parking and the peaceful surroundings despite its central location.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Saini is a highlight for many guests, praised for its variety and quality. Homemade options such as croissants and freshly baked bread, alongside a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, contribute to a delightful start to the day. The breakfast room is clean and features nice music, though it can occasionally feel a bit crowded. The selection, including local products, offers a true taste of the region, though some guests wished for more variety in meats and cheeses. Overall, the breakfast is an enjoyable and satisfying experience for guests.

The hotel is noted for its cleanliness and spacious guest rooms. Reviewers frequently mention the large, well-maintained and simply designed rooms, providing a comfortable and pleasant stay. Some minor criticisms include the lack of air conditioning and small bathroom sizes, but these are outweighed by the positives, such as comfortable bedding and a bright ambiance. The overall value for money is considered great, thanks to the hotel's cleanliness, proximity to the lake and city center and free parking.

The staff at Hotel Saini is exceptionally friendly and accommodating. Guests consistently praise the warm welcome and attentiveness of the staff, particularly highlighting Federico for his kindness and helpful advice. The family-run management adds a personal touch, ensuring a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The staff's professionalism and genuine care for guests create a standout lodging experience.

The hotel's wifi generally receives positive feedback with many guests noting the good internet speed and quality. There are occasional mentions of the wifi being just okay, but overall, the new high-speed internet enhancements are appreciated by guests.

Hotel Saini's family-run nature provides a warm and attentive environment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil getaway. The quiet ambiance and soothing morning sounds add to the hotel's charm. The owners' ability to speak German is also a plus for German-speaking visitors.

Comfortable bedding is another strong point for Hotel Saini with guests frequently highlighting the quality of the mattresses and linens. Despite some comments about the beds being a bit hard for some, the overall bedding experience is positive, contributing to a restful stay.

While some guests question if Hotel Saini fully lives up to its three-star rating, the courteous and attentive staff, combined with the hotel's cleanliness and excellent location, make it a value-for-money choice for many. The hotel's proximity to public transportation and accessible accommodations enhance the overall positive experience, making it a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room 9 m². Single rooms offer balconies and a view of the internal courtyard.

Double or Twin Room 14 m². Some double rooms offer balconies with a panoramic view of the internal courtyard or the lake. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Triple Room 16 m². Some triple rooms offer balconies with a panoramic view of the internal courtyard or the lake.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Saini in Stresa receives extensive praise for its excellent and strategic location, making it an ideal base for exploring the city. Positioned in the center of Stresa, guests enjoy proximity to numerous tourist attractions, shops, cafes and restaurants. The hotel is a mere couple of minutes' walk from the lake and the ferry dock, providing easy access to boat excursions, including trips to the picturesque Borromean Islands. This convenience extends to free parking options and peaceful night-time surroundings despite being centrally located. The historical charm of the old town, combined with the helpful and friendly staff, notably enhances the overall experience. Hotel Saini is thus favored for offering a perfect blend of accessibility, tranquility and local ambiance.

Hotel Saini offers a breakfast experience that delights guests with its variety and quality. Many found the breakfast to be very tasty with compliments on both the flavor and the overall presentation. The breakfast includes a selection of homemade options, such as croissants and freshly baked bread, which have been particularly appreciated. There is a good spread of continental choices catering to different tastes, although some noted it was not overly abundant.

The breakfast service has been described as very good, taking place in a pleasant atmosphere with friendly staff. The ambiance is often enhanced by nice music, making the hearty morning meal even more enjoyable. Guests praised the breakfast room for its cleanliness, despite occasional comments about it being a bit crowded.

The offering is varied and plentiful, featuring local products, which provides a true taste of the region. It has been mentioned that for Italian standards, the breakfast selection is quite commendable. The homemade cakes and other items reflect a personal touch, ensuring the meal feels special.

However, there were minor criticisms, such as a desire for a self-service option or for more meat and cheese varieties. Despite this, the overall sentiment is that the breakfast is delicious and satisfying, ideal before a day of exploring the super central and strategically located area.

In summary, Hotel Saini excels in providing a complete and enjoyable breakfast experience that is well worth enjoying during your stay, known for its homemade treats and the welcoming atmosphere created by the attentive staff.

Hotel Saini, located by the picturesque Lake Maggiore, offers an ideal getaway for couples seeking a charming, calm and well-situated retreat. The hotel's central location is consistently praised, providing easy access to local attractions and scenic views. Its serene ambiance and well-maintained surroundings make it a lovely spot for romantic vacations. While feedback varies on whether it's the best choice for couples, the overall impression is positive, painting a picture of a delightful and convenient destination at Lake Maggiore.

Hotel Saini offers a range of guest rooms that consistently impress with their cleanliness and spaciousness. Many guests have highlighted the large and very clean rooms, which are well-maintained and simple in design, providing a comfortable and pleasant stay. Despite some rooms being described as outdated and small, the overall atmosphere is quiet and clean with well-insulated rooms contributing to a peaceful night's rest.

The rooms are furnished in a simple, yet functional manner, often being described as comfortable and adequately equipped. Guests appreciated the comfortable bedding and the brightness of certain rooms with large windows. There are also quirky and stylishly furnished spaces adding a touch of charm to the hotel's ambiance.

However, a few drawbacks include the lack of air conditioning, which can be uncomfortable during hot weather and small bathroom sizes. Some noise from the house technology has also been mentioned. Despite these minor inconveniences, many guests found the overall value for money to be great, particularly due to the hotel's cleanliness, proximity to the lake and city center and free nearby parking. The atmosphere is generally quiet and relaxing, enhancing the hotel's appeal as a comfortable and well-located stay.

Hotel Saini has garnered favorable feedback for the comfort and quality of its beds, making it a reliable choice for a restful stay. Guests frequently highlight the comfortable bedding and emphasize the clean and high-quality linens provided. Many reviewers have noted that the mattresses offer a good level of comfort with several describing them as "comfy" and "reasonably comfortable." Despite some comments about the beds being a bit hard or the mattress not being very comfortable for everyone, the overall bedding experience is praised.

The rooms themselves are described as clean and quiet, further contributing to a peaceful environment conducive to relaxation. Moreover, mentions of new bedding and the overall quality of the bedding reflect the hotel's commitment to ensuring a good night's sleep for its guests.

In summary, Hotel Saini excels in providing comfortable and clean accommodations with its bedding often receiving positive mentions from guests. This focus on quality and comfort helps ensure that visitors can enjoy a restful and refreshing stay.

Tucked away in a serene location, Hotel Saini is a treasure trove of immaculate cleanliness, as echoed by numerous confirmed guest reviews. Visitors consistently laud the hotel's commitment to providing clean and tidy accommodations. The rooms are described as very clean, comfortable and cozy, offering a pleasant stay. Guests appreciate the regular cleaning schedules, noticing clean fresh towels and linens upon their arrival.

The impeccable cleanliness of the hotel extends beyond the rooms; the overall building is well-maintained and spotless, creating a welcoming atmosphere. From clean beds to well-maintained common areas, every corner of Hotel Saini reflects a high standard of hygiene. The simplicity and tranquility of the environment further add to the allure, making it easy for guests to relax and enjoy their stay. The helpful and friendly staff also play a crucial role in maintaining these high standards, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and clean experience throughout their visit.

Hotel Saini stands out for its exceptionally friendly and accommodating staff. Guests consistently praise the warm welcome they receive, noting the staff's kindness, helpful nature and attentiveness. Federico, in particular, is highlighted for his friendliness and generous advice, making guests feel right at home.

The reception staff is especially attentive, providing a positive first impression with their courteous demeanor and warm smiles. Guests appreciate the personal touch from the family-run management, which operates with passion and commitment. The owners and hosts go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay, showing great care and devotion to their guests' needs.

The involvement of the owner family is a recurring theme in the reviews with many pointing out their helpfulness and friendly interactions. The familiar environment created by the young, enthusiastic managers enhances the overall experience, making guests feel valued and welcome.

Overall, the service at Hotel Saini is characterized by professionalism, genuine care and a highly welcoming atmosphere, making it a standout choice for travelers seeking a friendly and attentive lodging experience.

Hotel Saini generally receives positive feedback regarding its wifi, which is often described as excellent, great or solid. Several guests have noted that the hotel features a new or upgraded wifi system, contributing to good internet speed and a satisfactory browsing experience. However, there are some mentions of the wifi being just okay with a few guests suggesting that it could benefit from further updates. While the majority of reviews are favorable, there have been isolated reports of weak or poor quality wifi. Overall, the wifi service at Hotel Saini is viewed positively with new high-speed internet enhancements being particularly appreciated by many guests.

Hotel Saini is a charming, family-run establishment that offers a welcoming atmosphere perfect for those seeking a tranquil getaway. Frequent comments highlight the warm and attentive nature of Federico and his family, who go above and beyond to ensure guests feel at home. The quiet ambiance, complemented by the soothing sounds of birds in the morning, adds to the hotel's allure. Guests consistently praise the lovely family environment and courteous service, making it a delightful spot for a peaceful stay. The owners' ability to speak German is also appreciated, adding an extra layer of comfort for German-speaking visitors.

3 Star
Hotel Saini appears to be a well-maintained establishment with multiple positive mentions of courteous officials and ownership. Guest reviews consistently highlight the friendly and caring nature of the staff, making it a customer service-oriented place. However, the hotel’s three-star rating has been questioned with some guests feeling it does not quite live up to such a designation. While the hotel is deemed value for money by some, others perceive the pricing to be exaggerated for a three-star facility. Despite these concerns, the overall atmosphere created by the attentive and courteous staff stands out as a positive aspect of the hotel.

Hotel Saini offers well-equipped and comfortable accommodations located conveniently in the city center. Guests have highlighted the hotel's proximity to the pier and public transportation hubs, making it an accessible choice for travelers. The management's caring attention and attentiveness to accessibility needs add to the overall positive experience. Easy access to the building and straightforward security procedures enhance convenience, ensuring a hassle-free stay. Additionally, the availability of free parking provides extra comfort for those traveling by car.

No, Hotel Saini doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Saini.

No, Hotel Saini doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Saini.

No, Hotel Saini doesn't have a gym.

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