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Summary of reviewsHotel Seegarten in Überlingen is highly praised across various categories, creating a truly inviting experience for its guests. Its prime location by Lake Constance stands out as a major highlight, offering guests stunning lakeside views and easy access to the lakeside promenade, city center, garden show, boat dock and bus station. The central yet tranquil setting provides a serene atmosphere enriched by picturesque scenery with visitors raving about the panoramic vistas from their rooms and balconies.

The hotel’s breakfast service is another well-received aspect with guests appreciating the quality, variety and presentation. The breakfast, served at the table, is described as delicious, plentiful and customizable. The ability to enjoy breakfast on the terrace with lakeside views further enhances guest satisfaction. High-quality offerings, including vegan options upon request, ensure a delightful start to the day.

Hotel Seegarten's restaurant excels in providing a memorable dining experience. The menu, rich with local specialties and Mediterranean cuisine, paired with an impressive selection of local wines, receives high marks from guests. The cozy ambiance, enhanced by a charming terrace and attentive service make dining a standout feature of a visit. Signature dishes like chicken roulade and Swabian roast beef are particularly highlighted for their taste and quality.

Guests have also expressed positive feedback regarding the rooms, noting their beautiful decorations, cozy ambiance and spaciousness. The stunning views, both lake and garden, the well-furnished interiors and modern renovations contribute to a pleasant stay. Despite a few minor critiques regarding room size and noise levels, the overarching sentiment is one of satisfaction with cleanliness and comfort.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel is consistently praised with housekeeping maintaining high standards of hygiene and friendly service. Guests appreciate the dedication to cleanliness, which enhances their overall comfort.

The staff at Hotel Seegarten receives exceptional praise for their friendliness and attentiveness. The welcoming nature of the team, from reception to breakfast service, helps create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Personal involvement from the owners and staff's willingness to go above and beyond leave a lasting positive impression on visitors.

Though there are occasional issues with Wi-Fi connectivity in certain areas, the overall internet experience remains largely positive. The comfort of the beds is also highlighted with many guests enjoying restful nights thanks to good mattresses and pillows, despite a few remarks about bed size and softness.

Overall, Hotel Seegarten offers an excellent blend of convenience, comfort and hospitality, making it a standout choice for travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room with Balcony and Lake View Bright room with a TV, telephone and private bathroom.

Double Room with Balcony and Lake View Bright room with a TV, telephone and private bathroom.

Double Room with view on the lake Bright room with a TV, telephone and private bathroom.

Double Room with Balcony and Garden View Bright room with a TV, telephone and private bathroom.

Small Double Room Bright room with a TV, telephone and private bathroom.

Single Room with Lake View Featuring free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This single room has a minibar, flat-screen TV with cable channels, lake views, as well as wine/champagne for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Large Double Room The spacious double room provides a minibar, a coffee machine, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 1 bed.

Double Room with Garden View Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This double room features a minibar, flat-screen TV with cable channels, garden views, as well as wine/champagne for guests. The unit offers 1 bed.

Suite with Lake View This spacious suite is comprised of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. This suite features a minibar, flat-screen TV with cable channels, lake views, as well as wine/champagne for guests. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Seegarten in Überlingen boasts a prime location that consistently garners enthusiastic praise from its guests. Nestled right by Lake Constance, the hotel offers stunning lakeside views and immediate access to the beautiful lakeside promenade. Reviewers highlight the hotel's central positioning, which makes it convenient to explore the city center, the state garden show, boat dock and bus station. This central yet tranquil setting ensures a serene atmosphere complemented by picturesque scenery.

Guests rave about the extraordinary and unbeatable location, emphasizing the direct proximity to the lake and the easy strolls into the heart of Überlingen. The welcoming and friendly staff enhance the inviting ambiance, making for a relaxing stay. Visitors are particularly impressed by the panoramic views from their rooms and balconies with several noting the superb vistas of Lake Constance.

Overall, Hotel Seegarten's unmatched location by the waterfront and its centrality to major local attractions make it a standout choice for travelers seeking both convenience and captivating natural beauty.

Hotel Seegarten's breakfast consistently impresses guests with its quality, variety and presentation. Reviews highlight the exceptional breakfast as being delicious, plentiful and fulfilling all wishes. Guests appreciate the rich, abundant offerings and the ability to customize their breakfast the night before. Breakfasts are served at the table rather than buffet-style, which many find to be a very good concept. The selection is diverse, often described as rich and fresh with high-quality food that is nicely presented.

In terms of service, the breakfast is excellently served with generous portions and attentive staff meeting extra requests. The opportunity to enjoy breakfast on the terrace with a lakeside view adds a special touch to the experience, enhancing guests' satisfaction. Vegan options are available upon request, ensuring everyone is accommodated.

Overall, Hotel Seegarten's breakfast not only meets but often exceeds expectations, leaving guests delighted and well-prepared for the day ahead.

Hotel Seegarten's restaurant earns high praise for its excellent dining experience. Guests consistently describe the food as very tasty, delicious and of high quality. The restaurant offers a cozy ambiance with wooden panel walls and a charming terrace, where dinner can be enjoyed with a view. Attentive and friendly service complements the rich, varied menu that features delightful local specialties, Mediterranean cuisine and an impressive selection of local wines.

Particular highlights include the chicken roulade, apple tart and Swabian roast beef, all noted for their amazing taste. Meals in the evening are plentiful and satisfying with both lunch and dinner options available. The terrace is a popular spot for enjoying a meal, contributing to the restaurant being considered the best in the city by some guests.

In summary, the dining experience at Hotel Seegarten is celebrated for its delicious food, high-quality ingredients and inviting atmosphere, making it a standout feature of the stay.

Hotel Seegarten has received predominantly positive feedback from its guests, particularly regarding the rooms. Many guests have praised the rooms for their beautiful decorations and cozy ambiance. The views from the rooms, especially those with balconies overlooking the lake, have been highlighted as stunning and fantastic by several reviewers. Spaciousness and cleanliness are recurring themes with numerous comments noting the large bathrooms and well-furnished interiors. Newly renovated rooms have been described as clean and modern and many guests enjoyed the old-fashioned but tasteful decor in some spaces.

The hotel offers rooms with both lake and garden views and many visitors appreciated the lovely vistas of the lake and opposite shore. Functional and well-equipped rooms add to the convenience of the stay. Positive remarks were also made about the comfort of the beds and the overall pleasant environment of the rooms.

However, there were a few critiques noting that some rooms were small yet still deemed sufficient for short stays. A couple of guests mentioned the noise levels in rooms located above the restaurant's outdoor seating area and some structural defects that could be easily addressed. Despite these minor issues, the consistent cleanliness and comfort of the rooms left a strong, positive impression on guests.

Overall, Hotel Seegarten's rooms seem to provide a delightful experience for visitors, marked by their appealing views, cleanliness and tasteful decor, making it a recommended stay for travelers.

Hotel Seegarten offers a sleep experience that has been highly praised by many guests. The most frequently mentioned aspect is the comfort of the beds with numerous reviews highlighting comfortable beds and good mattresses. Many guests described the beds as very comfortable with specific praise for both the beds and pillows.

Several guests mentioned that the beds are very good and one even referred to their bed as great. The quality of the mattresses stands out with some reviews specifically noting the excellence of the mattresses.

However, a few guests noted minor drawbacks, such as the beds being too small or a bed feeling a bit too soft. Despite these occasional criticisms, the overall sentiment indicates that Hotel Seegarten prides itself on providing a restful and comfortable sleep environment for its guests.

Hotel Seegarten receives high praise for its cleanliness from its guests, boasting an array of positive remarks. The facilities are consistently described as well-maintained and the rooms are noted to be exceptionally clean and comfortable. Housekeeping is commended for their dedication and friendly service, ensuring that everything remains in top condition. Guests repeatedly highlight the impeccable state of their accommodations, emphasizing the commendable cleanliness of both the rooms and the entire property. The phrase "very clean" appears multiple times throughout the reviews, underscoring a strong standard of hygiene and upkeep that seems to be a hallmark of Hotel Seegarten.

Hotel Seegarten boasts an exceptional team that consistently garners high praise from its guests. Visitors frequently highlight the staff's friendliness, describing them as exceptionally nice, polite and approachable. The warmth extends throughout the hotel, from the reception to the breakfast area, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Guests feel personally and warmly welcomed by both the staff and the owners, who are often personally involved in ensuring a delightful stay. The attentive and accommodating nature of the team is repeatedly noted with many instances of the staff going above and beyond to fulfill guests' wishes and needs. The reception staff, in particular, stand out for their courteous and helpful service, making excellent first impressions.

Visitors commend the entire team for their communicative and supportive demeanor, leaving guests feeling both appreciated and at home. The combination of friendliness, attentiveness and helpfulness establishes Hotel Seegarten as a place where the staff's genuine care significantly enhances the overall experience.

Hotel Seegarten offers secure Wi-Fi conducive to online work and superfast connectivity that eliminates the need for mobile data. However, some guests have reported issues with internet availability in their rooms and the dining area. Despite these occasional connectivity challenges, the secure and fast Wi-Fi, when accessible, enhances the overall experience.

No, Hotel Seegarten doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Seegarten.

Yes, Hotel Seegarten welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Seegarten.

No, Hotel Seegarten doesn't have a gym.

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