Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne

Untergriesbach , , Sonnenweg 12 (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsLandrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne is a serene retreat nestled in a tranquil setting that offers guests an ideal escape into nature. The hotel's location on the outskirts provides a peaceful atmosphere with breathtaking panoramic views, making it perfect for both nature enthusiasts and city explorers. Its proximity to Passau and Austria adds convenience for exploring.

The breakfast experience at the resort is exceptional with a varied and abundant buffet that caters to all tastes. Guests praise the breakfast for its high quality and excellent service, making it a delightful start to the day. Moreover, the terrace dining area offers fantastic views, enhancing the overall experience.

Dinner at the resort is consistently celebrated as a highlight of the stay. The 4-course evening menu is described as refined, creative and delicious with meals reaching star-level quality. Diners appreciate the diverse and tasty dishes, as well as the option to choose between a full menu or individual components. The modern dining atmosphere, coupled with excellent service, ensures a memorable culinary experience.

The hotel rooms receive positive feedback for their loving furnishings, beautiful design and cleanliness. Guests enjoy the garden views and well-maintained accommodations. Although some guests noted issues with room size and comfort, the overall consensus is favorable with most visitors finding the rooms well-equipped and spacious.

The staff at Landrefugium Obermüller is highly praised for their friendliness and professionalism. Guests consistently highlight the staff's helpfulness and outstanding service across all roles, creating a pleasant and memorable stay.

The wellness area is another standout feature, offering a beautifully designed and tranquil space. Guests commend the spacious wellness facilities, numerous garden loungers and the panorama sauna. Cleanliness and a serene atmosphere contribute to a fine wellness resort experience.

While the beds receive mixed feedback, many guests find them comfortable and supportive. A few mentions of sagging mattresses and softness do not overshadow the overall positive sentiment, which suggests that most guests enjoy a pleasant sleeping experience.

In summary, Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne offers a rejuvenating retreat with exceptional dining, excellent service, beautiful accommodations and an outstanding wellness area, making it a highly recommended destination for a peaceful getaway.
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Room Types
Single Room Cozy single room with mansard, without balcony.

Double Room Cozy double room with mansard, without balcony.

Classic Double Room with Balcony Classic comfort room with north-facing balcony and box spring bed.

Deluxe Double Room with Balcony Deluxe Suite with box spring bed, wonderful view, electric fireplace and designer bathtub.

Superior Double Room Tolle Suite mit Boxspringbett, Balkon, E-Kamin und Designbadewanne.

Double Room with Garden View This double room features a balcony, sofa and bathrobe.

King Room with Balcony The pool with a view is a top feature of this double room. Featuring free toiletries and bathrobes, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. Boasting a balcony with city views, this double room also features soundproof walls and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Tucked away in a tranquil setting, Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort boasts a fantastic location that offers guests an escape into nature's embrace. The hotel is perfectly situated on the outskirts, providing peace and quiet along with breathtaking panoramic views. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby opportunities for hikes, while city explorers can easily venture to nearby Passau. Additionally, the hotel's position near Austria adds another layer of convenience for cross-border excursions. Overall, the beautiful and serene location makes it an ideal destination for a rejuvenating retreat.

Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort offers an exceptional breakfast experience that leaves guests thoroughly impressed. The breakfast buffet receives high praise for its variety and abundance, ensuring that there's something to suit every taste. Guests highlight the extensive and rich options available, making it possible to enjoy a fulfilling start to the day.

The quality of the breakfast is frequently described as very good, excellent and delicious with some reviewers wishing they could spend the whole day indulging in the offerings. The buffet is also noted for being fully sufficient in size, indicating that it caters well to all appetites.

Adding to the overall experience is the fantastic view from the terrace, allowing diners to enjoy their meal amidst beautiful surroundings. The heartful service at breakfast also stands out, contributing to the pleasant atmosphere.

In summary, the breakfast at Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort is characterized by high quality, variety and excellent service, making it a perfect start to the day for guests.

At Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort, dinner is consistently praised as an outstanding feature of the stay. Guests were particularly impressed by the 4-course evening menu, which many described as refined and sophisticated. The food quality throughout the day was often likened to star-level dining with every meal being called absolutely amazing and exceptionally delicious. Diners appreciated the creative and delicious dishes that made up the evening meal, describing them as diverse, varied and extremely tasty. The restaurant's cuisine received high marks for being excellent and exceptionally good, making it a recommended dining destination.

For those who enjoy flexibility, the menu provided options for either a full menu or individual components, catering to different preferences and tastes. Breakfast also received commendations for being very good and appealing, contributing to the overall meal experience during the stay. While some mentioned that menu portions were small, the quality of the food and the staff's service were described as a dream, turning dining into a memorable culinary experience. The modern atmosphere of the dining area added to the enjoyment, complementing the excellent cuisine offered.

Guests of the Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne largely praised the hotel's rooms for their loving furnishings and beautiful design. Many appreciated the garden views and the new renovations, noting that rooms were well-maintained and clean with particularly good lighting conditions and ample storage space. The wellness area received acclaim for its beauty and size. However, there were mixed experiences regarding room size and comfort. Some guests found their rooms small, dated or less comfortable, mentioning issues like the smell of dog or sloping ceilings in certain comfort rooms. Despite these points, the consensus remains favorable with well-equipped and spacious accommodations that left most visitors completely satisfied.

The beds at Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne have garnered mixed feedback from guests. Many appreciated the comfort with several reviews specifically highlighting the beds as very comfortable and standout features during their stay. Some found the beds sturdy and supportive. However, a few guests mentioned issues such as sagging mattresses, beds being too soft and creaking. Despite these occasional problems, the overall sentiment leaned towards a positive sleeping experience, suggesting that most guests found the beds satisfactory for a pleasant stay.

The staff at Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4.5 Sterne receives glowing reviews from guests, consistently praised for their friendliness and professionalism. Across different roles—from reception to service to the kitchen—the staff is highlighted as being super friendly, helpful and accommodating. Guests noted the exceptional level of attentiveness and care, describing interactions as outstanding, uncomplicated and consistently positive. The service provided is impeccable, leaving a strong impression of a dedicated and courteous team committed to making the stay pleasant and memorable.

The wellness area at Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne is highly praised for its outstanding design and tranquil atmosphere. Guests appreciate the beautifully designed relaxation spa and indoor wellness facilities that leave nothing to be desired. The spacious wellness area and numerous loungers in the garden ensure a comfortable and peaceful experience. The panorama sauna is a noteworthy feature, offering a serene escape. Cleanliness is emphasized throughout, adding to the overall fine wellness resort experience.

Yes, Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne.

Yes, Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne.

Yes, Landrefugium Obermüller SPA & Naturresort 4,5 Sterne has a gym.

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