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Summary of reviews'Albergo Del Sole' stands out as an excellent choice for travelers to Varenna, largely due to its unbeatable central location. Ideal for exploring Lake Como and the charming town, it is situated near major attractions including Villa Monastero and various churches, as well as numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and scenic walking paths. Guests consistently highlight the superb and convenient position, complemented by friendly staff and excellent service, solidifying its appeal.

The hotel's breakfast offerings are frequently praised for their quality, variety and presentation, often described as excellent, fantastic or even phenomenal. Guests particularly enjoy the cozy atmosphere, the authentic Italian espresso and the option to dine on a pleasant patio or in a pretty room. Although some found the breakfast modest, the overall reception is highly positive.

Dining at the on-site restaurant is another highlight. Delicious and varied dishes, especially the recommended pizza, along with a charming ambiance and reasonable pricing, create an impressive dining experience. The convenience of having a restaurant downstairs adds to the appeal, making the dining offerings a delightful aspect of the stay.

Rooms at Albergo Del Sole receive commendation for their spaciousness, comfort, cleanliness and stunning views, especially those with balconies overlooking the square and lake. Despite some mentions of small and outdated rooms, most guests find them well-maintained and cozy, enhancing their overall experience.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with guests routinely describing the rooms as spotless and immaculate. The attention to cleanliness extends throughout the hotel, contributing to a fresh and inviting environment.

The staff earn consistent praise for their friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness. Despite occasional mentions of unfriendly interactions, the majority of feedback emphasizes the team's capability to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Specific staff members, such as Mr. Gaetano and the breakfast servers, are frequently highlighted for their exceptional service.

While the free wifi receives consistent criticism for its poor quality and connectivity issues, the comfort of the beds is generally well-regarded. Although some guests note issues with the size and firmness of the beds, most appreciate the cozy and comfortable bedding.

Albergo Del Sole is recognized as a budget-friendly option in Varenna, offering good amenities within the expectations of a three-star establishment. Its affordability combined with clean rooms and a good breakfast makes it a practical choice for cost-conscious travelers.

Finally, the hotel is notably dog-friendly, receiving high marks from pet owners for its welcoming policies. The staff's genuine acceptance of pets and the comfortable environment for both pets and their owners contribute significantly to the hotel's positive reputation among those traveling with furry companions.

Overall, Albergo Del Sole impresses guests with its prime location, excellent service, quality dining and cleanliness, making it a favored choice for visitors to Varenna and the Lake Como area.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Offering free Wi-Fi, this classic-style room features a TV, wooden floors and wood-beamed ceilings. Its private bathroom is complete with a hairdryer and free toiletries. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Single Room Offering free Wi-Fi, this classic-style room features a TV, wooden floors and wood-beamed ceilings. Its private bathroom is complete with a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Suite with Lake View Suite with Lake view and private bathroom.

Small Double Room The double room features air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. The double room provides a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, parquet floors, heating, as well as a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room with Balcony The double room provides air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
'Albergo Del Sole' boasts an unparalleled location in the heart of Varenna, offering easy access to Lake Como, the train station and the ferry terminal. Its central position right on the main square makes it an ideal base for exploring the charming town with picturesque views of the lake and mountains. Guests consistently praised the hotel's superb and convenient location, which is just steps away from key attractions such as Villa Monastero and various churches. The proximity to numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and walking paths ensures that visitors have everything they need within a short stroll. Cleanliness and comfort are also noted highlights, making 'Albergo Del Sole' a perfect choice for travelers seeking both convenience and a beautiful setting. Friendly staff and excellent service further enhance the appeal of this well-situated hotel. All in all, its picturesque, central location earns rave reviews, positioning it as a standout option for those visiting Varenna and the surrounding Lake Como region.

Albergo Del Sole's breakfast offerings have been frequently praised by guests for their quality and variety. Many reviewers highlighted that the breakfast included in their stay was very good with several describing it as excellent, fantastic or even phenomenal. The breakfast presentation received compliments for being cozy and authentic, particularly when served with real Italian espresso. Guests appreciated the hearty and abundant selections with some noting that items like croissants and eggs were particularly delicious. The service was often described as friendly and attentive, adding to a pleasant dining experience. Additionally, the option to enjoy breakfast on a nice patio or in a pretty room further enhanced the overall atmosphere. However, some guests mentioned that the breakfast was modest or simple, although still sufficient and convenient. Overall, the breakfast service at Albergo Del Sole generally met or exceeded guests' expectations, contributing positively to their stay.

Travelers staying at Albergo Del Sole have frequently praised the hotel's dining offerings. The on-site restaurant stands out as a significant highlight, often described as excellent and impressive with many guests enjoying multiple meals there. The food quality receives high marks with specific mentions of delicious and varied dishes, including pizza, which comes highly recommended. Both dinner and lunch experiences at the restaurant are generally positive, noted for their great flavor and reasonable pricing.

The convenience of having a restaurant downstairs is also appreciated and many guests found it handy to have such a resource readily available. Exquisite cuisine, charming ambiance and pleasant meals, particularly in the interior courtyard, add to the overall positive dining experience. Despite one mention of unsatisfactory food, the vast majority of reviews highlight the restaurant as a major draw with superb food and service, making dining at Albergo Del Sole a delightful component of the stay.

Albergo Del Sole offers a diverse range of room experiences for its guests. Many reviews highlight the spacious and comfortable nature of the rooms with modern amenities and beautiful furniture. Guests particularly appreciated rooms with balconies overlooking the square and stunning views of the lake, often describing these views as amazing, fantastic and magnificent. Cleanliness was frequently noted with many rooms being described as immaculate and well-maintained.

Despite these positives, some guests found the rooms to be small and outdated. A few mentioned issues with the facilities, such as small bathrooms, old furniture and broken light fixtures. Noise was another concern, especially for rooms located above the restaurant and bar, which could be disruptive at night. Additionally, some rooms lacked certain expected amenities, like wardrobes or blackout curtains.

Overall, while there are some areas for improvement, the rooms at Albergo Del Sole tend to be clean, spacious and offer breath-taking views, making them a cozy and satisfying choice for many travelers.

At Albergo Del Sole, guests frequently highlight the comfort of the beds, often describing them as comfortable and cozy. However, some mixed feelings emerge regarding their size and firmness. While many find the beds and mattresses to their liking, noting their comfort and the good quality of the bedding, a number of guests point out issues with narrowness and hardness.

Several reviews mention the beds being slightly narrow or composed of two mattresses pushed together, which can affect the overall sleeping experience. There's occasional feedback about firm or very firm mattresses, which some guests appreciate while others find less comfortable. An old mattress that should be replaced and occasional small, sagging beds also garnered some attention.

Despite these discrepancies, the majority of the commentary leans towards a positive experience with consistent mentions of comfortable beds and good bedding quality contributing to a restful stay. Overall, while some variability in bed comfort exists, most guests at Albergo Del Sole seem to leave with a favorable impression of their sleeping arrangements.

'Albergo Del Sole' is frequently praised for its outstanding level of cleanliness. Guests have consistently highlighted the spotless and immaculate condition of the rooms, emphasizing that they are fresh, comfortable and well-maintained. The hotel offers newly refurbished spaces that are organized and inviting, enhancing the overall guest experience. Cleanliness spans across all areas including bedsheets, bathrooms and toilets with some guests noting the top-to-bottom maintenance of the property. The consistent emphasis on excellent cleanliness and 5-star standards suggests that the hotel takes great pride in providing a pristine environment for its guests to enjoy.

Albergo Del Sole has garnered a noteworthy reputation for its exceptional staff, a highlight frequently mentioned by guests. Many praised the team's professionalism and their ability to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Descriptions of the staff included terms like very professional, attentive, incredibly friendly and helpful, which were consistently echoed throughout the reviews.

A special commendation was often made about specific members, such as Mr. Gaetano, along with breakfast servers who were described as exceptionally polite and efficient. The morning service, in particular, received numerous accolades for being pleasant and friendly, contributing significantly to guests' positive experiences.

Despite a few negative remarks about some restaurant and reception personnel being unfriendly or rude, the majority of reviews indicated that the staff were great, often described as warm, smiling and accommodating. Names and roles were frequently attributed favorable mentions with the bartender and many of the reception staff being singled out for their extreme friendliness.

Guests noted that the young staff at the café and the general personnel were incredibly hard-working, attentive and always ready to assist. The super friendly and kind demeanor of the hotel hosts was also highlighted, suggesting an environment where staff are genuinely interested in the well-being of their guests. This consistent theme of kindness and helpfulness played a crucial role in enhancing the overall guest experience at Albergo Del Sole.

The wifi at Albergo Del Sole has generally received negative feedback from guests. Many have described the connection as poor, slow and sometimes absent altogether. Issues such as the wifi cutting out frequently and taking a long time to restore have been highlighted. Although there is free wifi available, the overall quality disappoints with some guests reporting extremely poor or even terrible connectivity. Positive comments about the wifi were rare, indicating that improvements are necessary to meet guest expectations.

3 Star
Albergo Del Sole offers a budget-friendly option for visitors to Varenna, providing a good breakfast and clean rooms. The hotel is noted for its affordability compared to other places in the area, making it a solid choice for travelers prioritizing cost-efficiency. Guests have mentioned that the hotel includes all the amenities expected of a three-star establishment. While there are mixed reviews about the three-star rating, the overall practical and economical experience makes up for it.

Dog Friendly
The Albergo Del Sole has built quite a reputation among travelers for its exceptional dog-friendly environment. Guests have specifically praised the hotel's welcoming policies towards pets, particularly dogs. Not only are dogs allowed, but the hotel also maintains a distinct pet-friendly atmosphere that makes it a comfortable stay for both pets and their owners.

The hotel’s dog-friendly policy ensures guests face no issues when bringing their furry companions along. The staff demonstrates a genuine welcome to both pets and their owners, contributing to a pleasant and accommodating experience. Such attention to pet-friendliness underscores the hotel's commitment to ensuring all guests, whether they walk on two legs or four, feel warmly received.

Overall, Albergo Del Sole consistently wins positive feedback for its dog-welcoming policies, making it a favorite choice for pet owners desiring a hassle-free stay.

No, Albergo Del Sole doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Albergo Del Sole.

Yes, Albergo Del Sole welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Albergo Del Sole.

No, Albergo Del Sole doesn't have a gym.

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