Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon

Vars , , Route Du Col De Vars (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsHôtel Le Refuge Napoléon is celebrated as a tranquil alpine retreat nestled amid picturesque mountain ranges, serene lakes and scenic pastures. Ideally situated on the Route des Grandes Alpes, this hotel offers an exceptional getaway for nature lovers and peace seekers with easy access to hiking and skiing destinations through a conveniently located bus stop. The serene and quiet environment, enhanced by stunning room views of mountains and lakes, provides a perfect escape from city life.

Dining at the hotel is a highlight, featuring high praise for both the hearty, nutritious breakfast and the excellent, authentic dinner options. The breakfast buffet includes a wide variety of fresh, locally sourced organic products, served in a room with panoramic views, ensuring a delightful start to the day. Dinner is equally lauded with standout dishes such as raclette and fondue, generous portions and a cozy ambiance, often enjoyed by the fireplace.

The rooms are described as spacious, impeccably clean and beautifully decorated, blending rustic chalet-style charm with modern amenities. Guests appreciate the meticulous upkeep and find the rooms to be comfortable and quiet, some offering cozy balconies with beautiful views. The hotel’s commitment to cleanliness and hygiene is consistently noted with both common areas and individual rooms maintained to the highest standards.

The staff at Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon receive universal acclaim for their warmth and hospitality. Owners and staff are frequently praised for their friendly and professional demeanor, providing comprehensive support and a welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel at home. The efficient and attentive service further enhances the overall experience.

Ski enthusiasts find the hotel's location ideal with a free shuttle service offering easy access to nearby slopes, making it a convenient base for skiing getaways. The hotel is also versatile for other winter activities like snowshoeing and hiking. The quality of beds is another frequently mentioned highlight with guests enjoying restful and peaceful sleep on soft, new, high-quality mattresses.

Additionally, Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon is pet-friendly, welcoming dogs with open access to the property grounds and public lounge areas, making it a great choice for travelers with pets. Motorcycle riders are also catered to with a covered garage space available for storing motorcycles and sunbeds by the lake for post-ride relaxation.

In summary, Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, comfort, exceptional dining and welcoming hospitality, making it a top choice for those seeking a serene and rejuvenating alpine retreat.
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Room Types
Quadruple Room with Mountain View The quadruple room features a wardrobe, heating, a balcony with mountain views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower.

Family Room with Mountain View The family room offers a wardrobe, heating, a balcony with mountain views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower.

Double Room with Shared Bathroom Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a shared bathroom with a walk-in shower. This double room has a wardrobe, heating, a flat-screen TV and lake views.

Double Room The double room provides a wardrobe, heating, a balcony with mountain views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower.

Guest Reviews
Nestled in a picturesque and tranquil setting, Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon offers an exceptional geographical location perfect for nature enthusiasts and peace seekers. Ideally positioned on the Route des Grandes Alpes, the hotel is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, serene lakes and scenic pastures. It provides easy access to various hiking and skiing destinations with a bus stop conveniently located next to the hotel for transport to nearby ski slopes.

Guests appreciate the serene and quiet environment, perfect for relaxation and escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. The views from the rooms are stunning, offering sights of beautiful mountains and picturesque lakes. The location is not only ideal for hikers and bikers but also for those looking to enjoy leisurely walks or engage in snowshoeing.

The proximity to the village of Vars and the Col de Vars makes it a strategic and perfect stopping point for travelers exploring the area's natural beauty. The peaceful surroundings and the authentic charm of the refuge, combined with the hospitable and friendly staff, contribute to the hotel's serene and welcoming atmosphere.

For food lovers, the hotel also boasts great dining options with delicious meals served from breakfast through dinner. Overall, Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon stands out as a magnificent refuge celebrating nature, tranquility and comfort, making it a perfect retreat in a stunning alpine setting.

Nestled in a picturesque mountain setting, Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon offers a breakfast experience that guests consistently praise for its variety and quality. Visitors highlight the hearty and well-stocked buffet, featuring everything from yogurt, muesli and fresh fruit to delicious scrambled eggs, ham and cheese. Many reviews mention the inclusion of juices, baguettes and a variety of sweet and savory options, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Quality is a recurring theme with multiple reviews lauding the use of fresh, mostly organic and local products. The breakfast, often described as complete and nutritious, leaves guests very satisfied and well-prepared for the day ahead. The hotel’s breakfast room also boasts a breath-taking panorama, enhancing the overall dining experience.

With exceptional and elaborate offerings, the breakfast at Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon stands out as a highlight of the guests' stays. Whether you’re looking for a filling start to your day or simply want to enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting, the breakfast at this hotel comes highly recommended.

Guests of Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon frequently praise the hotel's dining options. The restaurant is described as offering excellent and authentic cuisine with a focus on fresh, local produce. Many diners highlighted the exceptional quality and filling nature of the meals, mentioning that both breakfast and dinner were particularly satisfying.

Raclette and fondue dinners are frequently mentioned as standouts with the fondue noted for its substantial portion sizes. Guests appreciated the varied menu, which includes a la carte options, seasonal specials and choices for children. These meals are not only delicious but also come at a very reasonable price, adding to their appeal.

Dining at the hotel is made even more enjoyable by the pleasant ambiance, including the option to dine by the fireplace. The friendly and attentive restaurant staff further enhance the dining experience. Overall, the combination of high-quality, generous portions and a cozy atmosphere makes dinner at Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon a must-try for visitors.

Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon offers guests a remarkable stay with its spacious, clean and beautifully decorated rooms. Visitors appreciate the meticulous upkeep and modern amenities, which ensure a comfortable and quiet environment. The hotel's rooms are not only stylishly furnished and newly renovated, but also maintain an authentic chalet-style charm. Each room is equipped to a high standard and is remarkably well-prepared and organized.

Guests can enjoy the comfort of spacious rooms with beautiful views, some featuring cozy balconies perfect for relaxing. The decor is consistently praised for its aesthetic appeal, blending rustic charm with modern touches. Both the rooms and bathrooms are spotlessly clean and well-maintained, offering all necessary comforts in a serene and silent atmosphere.

Overall, the rooms at Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon are described as perfect with ample space, beautiful furnishings and complete comfort, making it a highly recommended choice for a restful and pleasant stay.

The bedding at Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon receives high praise from guests with frequent mentions of impeccable and top-quality beds that ensure a superbly comfortable night's sleep. Visitors highlight the restful and peaceful sleep they experience, attributing it to the silent and comforting nature of the bedding. The beds and mattresses are described as soft, new and made from high-level soft materials, which contribute to overall relaxation and a high-quality rest. Guests consistently report good rest and comfort, emphasizing the excellent and perfect nature of the bedding. Whether seeking restful sleep or overall relaxation, the beds at Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon are noted to meet high standards, offering a complete and satisfying sleep experience.

The reviews of Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon highlight the exceptional cleanliness of the establishment. Guests consistently noted that cleanliness was impeccable and maintained to a high standard throughout the hotel. The rooms were often described as spotless, very clean and beautifully decorated, creating a delightful and clear space. Both common areas and individual rooms were meticulously maintained, reflecting an environment where hygiene is clearly a priority. From the sanitary facilities to the beds and rooms, the thoroughness of the cleaning services did not go unnoticed, leaving a very positive impression. The hotel has also benefited from recent renovations, enhancing the cleanliness and overall aesthetic appeal.

Overall, Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon stands out for its commitment to maintaining an immaculate and welcoming environment, making it a reliable choice for travelers who prioritize hygiene and cleanliness.

Nestled in the heart of hospitality, 'Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon' boasts an impressively kind and welcoming staff. Guests often commend the availability and friendliness of the owners, always ready to assist with a smile. The hotel team radiates warmth, providing a consistently pleasant and professional experience. Notably, the full staff support and comprehensive assistance underscore their commitment to making guests feel at home.

The receptionist and the entire team are described as lovable and considerate, contributing to a supportive and hospitable environment. The staff's efficiency and professional demeanor, combined with their genuine friendliness, create a memorable and positive stay for visitors. With an attractive hospitality approach, the team at Refuge Napoléon ensures guests receive a warm welcome, complete with attentive and kind service.

Whether it’s through the cheerful demeanor of the happy staff or the attentiveness of the hosts, the welcoming nature of the hotel is a recurrent highlight. The staff's pleasant and professional attitude, coupled with their unwavering support and receptiveness, forms a cornerstone of the guest experience, making 'Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon' a top choice for those seeking both comfort and exceptional service.

Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon offers an ideal base for skiing enthusiasts with its close proximity to the slopes. Guests appreciate the convenience of a free shuttle service that facilitates easy access to various skiing areas, ensuring a seamless skiing experience. The hotel's location is praised for weekend ski getaways, offering a quick 5-minute trip to the slopes and providing accessible transport options like a ski bus equipped with clear signage.

Beyond skiing, the location proves versatile for other activities such as snowshoeing and hiking, making it a great starting point for outdoor adventures. The overall sentiment suggests that Le Refuge Napoléon is a well-positioned and convenient choice for a short, enjoyable skiing retreat with the added benefit of free, reliable shuttle services.

Dog Friendly
Hôtel Le Refuge Napoléon is a welcoming destination for dog owners. The hotel accepts pets and offers multiple options for dogs, including full access to the property grounds and public lounge areas. Guests have highlighted the hotel as a good spot to walk their dogs with staff providing a warm reception for both guests and their furry companions. Additionally, the hotel caters to motorcycle enthusiasts, offering a covered garage space specifically for storing motorcycles and sunbeds by the lake for relaxation after a long ride. This combination of dog-friendly amenities and motorcycle facilities makes it an appealing choice for travelers with pets and motorcycles.

No, Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon.

Yes, Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon.

No, Hôtel, Le Refuge Napoléon doesn't have a gym.

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