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Summary of reviewsHotel Vrata Bosne in Velika Kladuša stands out for its exceptional central location, placing guests close to the city center and various local amenities, making exploration convenient. The modern facilities, including well-furnished and air-conditioned rooms, contribute significantly to a comfortable and pleasant stay. The hotel caters efficiently to late-night check-ins and the staff is commended for their professionalism.

Guests consistently rave about the hotel's breakfast offerings, which include a rich and diverse menu with an à la carte approach. This personalized experience, paired with high-quality, delicious food, makes breakfast a highlight of the stay. Dinner at the hotel is equally impressive with a diverse menu and high-quality dishes noted as some of the best reasons to stay at the hotel, although some did report noise disturbances impacting sleep quality.

The rooms at Hotel Vrata Bosne are modern, spacious and well-maintained, often exceeding guests' expectations based on online images. They are clean and tidy with functional and stylish furnishings, large windows for a bright ambiance and amenities like mini-bars. Despite a few minor concerns, such as occasional odors of cigarette smoke, the overall feedback remains positive, highlighting the commitment to cleanliness and comfort.

Cleanliness is a significant strength at Hotel Vrata Bosne with meticulous attention given to maintaining the high standards of cleanliness throughout, particularly evident in the spotless bathrooms and well-maintained shower cabins. This diligent housekeeping ensures guests enjoy a tidy and comfortable environment.

The staff receives high praise for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism. They are consistently noted for being supportive and ready to assist, contributing greatly to the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

The parking facilities at the hotel are convenient with options including a parking lot, free spaces in front of the hotel and a charging station for electric cars. However, the parking spaces could be improved to accommodate larger vehicles better, although nearby additional parking options help address these concerns.

Overall, the combination of a prime location, high-quality meals, modern and clean rooms, excellent service and convenient parking makes Hotel Vrata Bosne a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
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Room Types
Double Room with Balcony This double room has a flat-screen TV, minibar and a safe. The bathroom comprises a shower.

Twin Room This twin room has air conditioning and flat-screen TV. The bathroom comprises a shower.

Double Room This double room features air conditioning, minibar and seating area. The bathroom comprises a shower.

Single Room This single room has a minibar, seating area and a bathroom comprising a shower.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Vrata Bosne enjoys a highly praised central location in the small town of Velika Kladuša. Guests frequently highlight its proximity to the city center, describing it as practically situated in the heart of town and within immediate vicinity of various amenities. The convenient location makes it ideal for travelers looking to explore the local area with ease, despite being situated on a main road that brings some traffic noise.

Additionally, the hotel's modern facilities, including well-furnished rooms with air conditioning, contribute to a comfortable stay. Guests appreciate the ease of late-night check-ins, professional staff and access to decent breakfast offerings. While navigating to the hotel via Google Maps from the station can be tricky, the overall impression of the location remains overwhelmingly positive, making it a preferred choice for many return visitors.

Hotel Vrata Bosne consistently impresses guests with its outstanding breakfast offerings. The breakfast menu is rich, diverse and includes many delicious choices. Guests frequently describe the breakfast as excellent with a notable emphasis on its abundance and variety. The hotel opts for an à la carte approach, allowing guests to select from the first two pages of the restaurant menu. This tailored service is a refreshing change from the usual continental or buffet style, offering a more personalized experience. The food is repeatedly praised for its quality and delicious taste, creating a memorable start to the day. Overall, the combination of homemade elements and plentiful options ensures that the breakfast at Hotel Vrata Bosne stands out as a highlight of the stay.

Hotel Vrata Bosne offers an exceptional dining experience praised consistently by its guests. Many reviews highlight the excellent quality and world-class standard of the food with descriptors like delicious and top-notch being frequently used. The menu is diverse, catering to a variety of tastes and the quality of the dishes alone is noted as a reason to stay at the hotel. Guests appreciate the overall high standards in food, rooms and hospitality. However, a note of caution is that some reviews did mention noise disturbances affecting sleep quality.

Hotel Vrata Bosne offers a delightful stay with its well-maintained, modern rooms that many guests praise for their comfort and contemporary style. The rooms are notably spacious, providing ample space for relaxation and are consistently clean, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Guests often highlight the functional and stylish furnishings, which are in line with the images presented online, ensuring that expectations are met.

Some rooms come with useful amenities like a mini-bar and feature large windows, contributing to an airy and bright ambiance. The bathrooms are also mentioned as clean and satisfactory. The hotel staff appears committed to maintaining high standards with cleaning staff ensuring that guests' needs are continually met.

A few comments point to occasional issues, such as rooms with the odor of cigarette smoke, but these are overshadowed by the overall positive feedback. The combination of modern décor, spacious layout and cleanliness makes Hotel Vrata Bosne a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking comfort and style in their accommodations.

Hotel Vrata Bosne impresses guests with its exceptional cleanliness. Reviewers consistently highlight the hotel’s immaculate condition, describing the rooms as very clean, tidy and well-maintained. The bathrooms, particularly noted for their large, comfortable shower cabins, receive high praise for their cleanliness. The cleaning staff is commended for their diligent work in ensuring that guests' needs are met, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness throughout the stay. Overall, cleanliness at Hotel Vrata Bosne stands out as a significant strength, contributing to an enjoyable and comfortable experience for its guests.

Hotel Vrata Bosne consistently receives praise for its staff, characterized by their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Guests commend the team for being highly attentive and incredibly supportive, whether it’s a young, professional crew or charming servers. The staff's excellent customer service comes through clearly with multiple mentions of their warmth and readiness to assist at all times. This level of prompt, courteous service seems to be a highlight for many travelers. Even though there is a minor comment about the need for non-smoking areas, the overall sentiment reflects a welcoming and professional environment upheld by a superb team.

Hotel Vrata Bosne provides several convenient parking options for guests, including its own parking lot and free parking space directly in front of the hotel. A noteworthy feature is the charging station available for electric cars, ensuring eco-friendly travelers are well catered to. Although the hotel’s parking spaces are sometimes reported as being too few and small for larger vehicles, the proximity of additional nearby parking options helps to mitigate this issue. Overall, while improvements could be made to increase the number of parking spaces, the availability of different parking solutions adds a significant level of convenience for guests.

No, Hotel Vrata Bosne doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Vrata Bosne.

No, Hotel Vrata Bosne doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Vrata Bosne.

No, Hotel Vrata Bosne doesn't have a gym.

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