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Summary of reviewsSchlüter Hotel & Restaurant in Wankendorf is a serene retreat that skillfully combines tranquility and convenience. Nestled in a quiet village yet boasting easy access to the A21 highway, the hotel offers an ideal setting for relaxation and serves as a strategic base for day trips throughout Schleswig-Holstein. Guests rave about the peaceful surroundings, beautifully renovated rooms and excellent connectivity to major towns and tourist spots like Kiel, Lake Plön and the Baltic Sea. The ample private parking directly in front of the hotel adds to its practicality.

Breakfast receives high marks for its rich selection, high quality and modern presentation. Guests consistently find the variety delightful, making it a great start to the day despite occasional comments about the absence of specific items like scrambled eggs or yogurt. Dinner at the hotel is particularly noteworthy with the restaurant praised for its excellent, varied menu featuring local specialties, large portions and a unique touch of having food served by a robot. The pleasant atmosphere of the garden restaurant and the outdoor terrace only enhance the dining experience.

The rooms are highly appreciated for their spaciousness, modernity and cleanliness. Visitors find them extremely clean, comfortable and well-furnished with large family rooms and serene, quiet spaces ensuring a restful stay. The cleanliness extends throughout the hotel with guests commending the well-maintained, tidy environment. Staff at the hotel are consistently praised for their friendliness, attentiveness and courteous service, enhancing the overall guest experience with smooth check-ins and check-outs. The innovative approach, including the use of a robot for serving meals, adds a special touch to the service.

The hotel’s parking facilities also receive positive feedback with ample free parking spaces directly in front of the hotel and options for garage parking, particularly appreciated by motorcyclists. The spacious and recently repaved parking lot ensures convenience and safety for all guests.

For families, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant stands out as a top choice. The spacious family rooms, often complete with kitchenettes, cater well to longer stays and larger parties. The hotel serves as a favorable stopover for family trips to destinations like Oslo or for starting cruises from Kiel. The comfort and suitability of the accommodations have led to high levels of satisfaction and repeated stays.

Guests also enjoy a great night's sleep, frequently highlighting the comfortable, large beds. While most find the beds firm and supportive, ensuring a restful sleep, a few guests have noted a preference for softer mattresses or different pillows. Overall, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant offers a comprehensive, enjoyable experience for various types of travelers, combining modern comforts with excellent service and amenities.
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Room Types
Single Room Bright room with a flat-screen TV, work desk and private bathroom.

Double Room Bright room with a flat-screen TV, work desk and private bathroom.

Family Room A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk and a private bathroom are provided in this spacious family room. The unit offers 4 beds.

Family Room This family room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in the quiet village of Wankendorf, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant offers a serene retreat slightly off the main route. The hotel's peaceful surroundings and beautifully renovated rooms create an ideal environment for relaxation. Despite its tranquil setting, the hotel maintains excellent connectivity with easy access to the A21 highway and good motorway connections making it perfect for transit to Kiel and beyond. Guests appreciate the ample private parking available right in front of the hotel.

The location is particularly coveted for its convenience for various activities. It's well-suited for day trips through Schleswig-Holstein, including outings to the seaside, Lake Plön, the Baltic Sea or cycling tours around the region. Public transport is accessible and the proximity to major towns like Kiel, Plön and Neumünster adds to the convenience.

The hotel's area is described as rural yet central, providing the calm of village life while being in the middle of everything. The quiet and clean environment, along with comfortable large beds and wheelchair accessibility, make it a welcoming space for all types of travelers. Whether for a peaceful stay or as a base for explorations, the location of Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant is frequently lauded for its suitability and charm.

Breakfast at Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant has received mostly positive feedback from guests, highlighted by its rich selection, high quality and modern presentation. Guests appreciated the variety and ample choices with many finding the breakfast to be delicious and satisfying. The bread rolls were frequently praised for their taste and the breakfast buffet was noted for being well-stocked and appealing.

Service was often commended for being good and fast and the breakfast setting was described as very pleasant and clean. Many reviews mentioned that the breakfast more than sufficed, both in quantity and variety, making it a great start to the day.

However, a few guests noted the absence of specific items like scrambled eggs and yogurt and some found the breakfast to be a bit sparse or simple, lacking in fruit and certain cheeses. Nonetheless, the overall consensus is that the breakfast at Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant is very good with excellent quality and a diverse range of options to satisfy most guests.

Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant receives high praise from guests for its dining experience, particularly in the evenings. Many reviews highlight the food as tasting good with frequent mentions of it being very good, delicious or excellent. Guests appreciate the variety of local specialties featured on the menu and the selection is often described as large and diverse with great taste.

The restaurant itself is noted for its modern design and pleasant atmosphere, including an inviting garden restaurant and outdoor terrace. Service is deemed very good with a unique highlight being dinner served by a robot, adding an innovative touch. The portions are reportedly large, providing good value alongside the quality food. Guests consistently find the cuisine excellent, making it a prominent feature of their stay.

Although the restaurant closes on Wednesdays, the overall dining experience is highly regarded, contributing significantly to the hotel's appeal. In sum, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant stands out as a top choice for travelers seeking good food, attentive service and a memorable dining atmosphere.

Visitors to Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant have consistently praised the spaciousness of the rooms, highlighting their modern and clean decor. The rooms are noted for being extremely clean, comfortable and well-furnished, often described as newly renovated and beautifully decorated. Many guests mentioned the large family rooms and the unusually spacious single rooms, which cater well to both solo travelers and families alike.

Guests found the rooms adequately equipped with necessary amenities, featuring large bathrooms and modern designs with fresh, appealing colors. Quiet and serene, several rooms face a peaceful courtyard, ensuring a restful stay.

While the majority of reviews emphasize the cleanliness and modernity of the rooms, a few noted that some areas could benefit from renovations. Overall, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant boasts rooms that are functional, modern and very comfortable, making it a highly recommended stay for those appreciating a blend of space and contemporary charm.

Guests at Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant seem to have a notably positive experience when it comes to the beds. Reviews frequently highlighted that the beds were good, comfortable and very satisfactory, often described as comfortable large beds and even heavenly. Many guests appreciated the firmness of the mattresses, noting that they were not saggy. There were also mentions of the beds being firm but still offering a very comfortable sleep. However, a few guests did find the beds too hard or the pillows not good, but these were exceptions rather than the rule. Overall, guests can expect to find excellent, very comfortable and super comfortable beds during their stay.

Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant consistently receives praise for its cleanliness from guests, who often describe the rooms and hotel areas as very clean, tidy and well-maintained. Many reviews highlight the hotel's modern and freshly renovated interiors with specific mentions of clean bathrooms and well-kept accommodations. The overall environment is noted to be clean with a pleasant ambiance and guests appreciate the good hygiene practices in place. While there are occasional remarks about some areas, such as the bathroom, not being up to the cleaning standards expected, the general sentiment leans heavily towards high satisfaction with the hotel's cleanliness. Guests find the rooms not only clean but also comfortable and functional, making for a pleasant stay.

The reviews of Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant consistently highlight the exceptional quality of the staff, who are frequently described as very friendly, accommodating and attentive. Guests appreciate the consistently pleasant demeanor of the entire team, noting that they are greeted and bid farewell warmly. The staff stands out for their politeness, courteousness and competence, often going the extra mile to be helpful and offer useful advice, such as tips for visiting nearby Plön.

The service at the hotel is often praised as excellent and top-notch with many guests noting the helpful and super-friendly nature of the staff. A unique highlight mentioned is the support of a robot in serving food, which adds a special touch to the overall positive service experience. Guests also find check-ins and check-outs to be uncomplicated and smooth, contributing to an overall hassle-free stay.

While there are occasional mentions of less favorable interactions, these seem to be exceptions rather than the rule. Overall, the consistently warm and welcoming approach of the staff significantly enhances the guest experience at Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant.

Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant offers an array of parking options that have garnered positive feedback from guests. The hotel boasts ample and adequately sized parking spaces, ensuring plenty of spots are available for visitors. Many guests appreciated the free parking with some noting the convenience of private parking directly at the hotel. Those traveling by motorcycle also found the garage parking option particularly useful.

Safety is a highlight with parking close to the rooms giving guests peace of mind. The parking lot itself is spacious and has recently been repaved, ensuring a smooth experience. With parking spaces located directly in front of the hotel, the ease of access is frequently commended. Overall, the parking facilities at Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant appear to meet and exceed guest expectations, providing a convenient and secure place to leave their vehicles.

Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant appears to be an excellent choice for families traveling with children, providing a range of amenities that cater specifically to those needs. A recurring highlight in guest reviews is the spacious and well-appointed family rooms, which often include kitchenettes, making them particularly suitable for longer stays and those requiring more space. The hotel is cited as a favorable stopover for family trips, especially for those en route to destinations such as Oslo or for beginning a cruise from Kiel. The comfort and suitability of the accommodations contribute to a pleasant stay for family travelers with some guests returning multiple times, indicating a high level of satisfaction and reliability.

No, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant.

No, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant.

No, Schlüter Hotel & Restaurant doesn't have a gym.

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