Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz)

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Summary of reviewsKurzentrum Waren (Müritz) is highly regarded for its serene and picturesque location, positioned near a spa park and offering wonderful views of the Müritz. Guests appreciate its peaceful environment, despite being a bit removed from the harbor, as it remains easily accessible to the old town and national park. This makes it an ideal spot for cycling enthusiasts and those seeking quiet, yet convenient, accommodations.

Breakfast at the hotel receives notable acclaim with guests frequently praising the rich and extensive breakfast buffet. The variety and abundance of dishes cater to diverse tastes, combining health-conscious options with more hearty fare, ensuring a robust start to the day.

The rooms are spacious, clean and many feature large balconies with breathtaking views of the surrounding greenery. Although lacking air conditioning, the rooms boast nice showers and large bathrooms. Guests enjoy the hotel's amenities, including both indoor and outdoor pools, though some suggested enhancements like kettles in rooms and sun protection on balconies.

Cleanliness is another strong suit of the Kurzentrum Waren, consistently maintaining high standards of hygiene throughout the property. The staff also contributes significantly to the positive guest experience, repeatedly praised for their friendliness, attentiveness and excellent service.

The onsite spa and pool facilities further enhance the guest experience. Guests commend the well-organized wellness area, the variety of spa treatments and the serene spa garden by the lake. Both the indoor and outdoor pools are appreciated for their cleanliness and inviting design with the heated outdoor pool being particularly popular.

In terms of bedding, while generally comfortable with large beds, some guests found the mattresses too hard and suggested additional toppers and higher mattresses for improved comfort.

Overall, Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) delivers a highly satisfying experience through its picturesque location, excellent breakfast, spacious and clean rooms, exceptional staff and comprehensive wellness facilities.
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Room Types
Single Room with Balcony Classically furnished room with a balcony, flat-screen TV and private bathroom.

Double Room with Balcony Classically furnished room with a balcony, flat-screen TV and private bathroom.

Suite with Balcony Classically furnished suite with a balcony, flat-screen TV and private bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) boasts an ideal and beautiful location, offering guests a serene and picturesque setting. The hotel is situated in a quiet area, directly adjacent to a spa park, providing a wonderful view of the Müritz. Despite being a bit outside the harbor, it remains within walking distance of the old town and visitors can easily reach the city and harbor by bike in about 10 minutes or on foot in roughly 20 minutes. Its proximity to the national park makes it perfect for cycling enthusiasts. Guests can also enjoy a peaceful environment, as the hotel is positioned away from the hustle and bustle yet still conveniently accessible to main attractions. The rooms are clean, quiet and come with great views, enhancing the overall tranquil experience.

Nestled in the heart of Müritz, the breakfast experience at Kurzentrum Waren has received a wealth of praise from its guests. Guests repeatedly noted the very good and excellent quality of the breakfast offerings with frequent mentions of a rich and extensive breakfast buffet. Numerous reviews highlight the variety and abundance of dishes available, pointing out that the array of food was both diverse and attractively presented.

The hotel ensures a delicious breakfast selection that appears to accommodate a range of tastes, combining health-conscious options with hearty fare. Despite a few mentions of the breakfast becoming a bit hectic due to the hotel's size, the consensus is overwhelmingly positive with many guests lauding the tasty and flavorful dishes served.

Overall, the breakfast at Kurzentrum Waren seems to consistently meet and exceed guest expectations, providing a robust start to the day through its well-prepared, varied and plentiful morning offerings.

Nestled close to Müritz National Park, Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) offers scenic surroundings and ample opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. The hotel is frequently praised for its spacious rooms, many of which come with large balconies offering breathtaking views of the water and surrounding greenery. Cleanliness is a strong point with guests highlighting the pristine condition of the rooms, bathrooms and facilities.

The rooms are not only roomy but also come with delightful features such as nice showers, large bathrooms and balconies. The hotel amenities also include large indoor and outdoor pools, which are appreciated by guests. While the bar and restaurant staff receive high marks for their excellent service, some guests noted the absence of air conditioning and suggested additional amenities like a kettle in the room, sun protection on the balcony and larger outdoor tables.

Overall, guests find the rooms, breakfast and other facilities to be very satisfactory, contributing to an enjoyable experience at Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz).

At Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz), guests have shared mixed feelings about the beds. Many appreciated the comfort of large beds and some found the beds to be good. There's also positive feedback regarding the third pillow, which many found very nice. However, some guests noted that the beds had room for improvement, mentioning that they were too hard or somewhat uncomfortable. There were also suggestions for additional toppers and slightly higher mattresses to enhance comfort. While the overall consensus around the bedding leans towards the positive side, certain aspects like mattress firmness and comfort could be fine-tuned to better meet guest expectations.

Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) stands out for its exceptional cleanliness, consistently praised for maintaining a high standard of hygiene. Guest reviews frequently commend the hotel for being very clean with rooms and bathrooms always well-maintained. The overall cleanliness and tidiness are lauded, ensuring visitors enjoy a comfortable and sanitary environment. The hotel’s commitment to cleanliness is frequently highlighted, reflecting a high degree of guest satisfaction.

Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) receives high praise for its exceptional staff. Guests consistently highlight the friendliness and helpfulness of the team, pointing out that staff members are attentive but not intrusive. The reception, in particular, is noted for its warm and accommodating service. Phrases like "very friendly," "super friendly," and "extremely friendly" repeatedly appear, emphasizing the welcoming atmosphere created by the staff. The reception manager and his team are frequently mentioned for their assistance and kindness. Overall, the service provided by the staff at Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) greatly enhances the guest experience, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) boasts a beautiful health center that has received high praise from its guests. The spa and swimming pool areas are repeatedly highlighted as standout features, described as great, wonderful and very nice. The wellness area is noted for being very well-organized and offers an array of good facilities. Guests appreciate the variety of spa treatments available, even though some come at an additional fee. The sauna and bathing areas are particularly mentioned for their excellence. Additionally, the spa garden by the lake adds a serene touch to the overall experience. This comfortable spa hotel is recognized for offering much more than a typical hotel with numerous outpatient offerings that cater to both relaxation and therapeutic needs.

Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) boasts an impressive pool area, featuring both indoor and outdoor options. Guests consistently praise the cleanliness and design of the pools, highlighting the appeal of a heated outdoor option even in February. The outdoor pool often stands out as a favorite among visitors, although both pools receive positive feedback. Additionally, the integration of a sauna adds to the overall relaxing experience. The extensive indoor and outdoor spaces provide ample opportunity for a leisurely swim or a rejuvenating session in the sauna, making the pool area a notable feature of the hotel stay.

Yes, Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz).

No, Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz).

Yes, Kurzentrum Waren (Müritz) has a gym.

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