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Summary of reviewsThe Crown Wetherspoon in the heart of Worcester is highly praised for its prime location, offering guests easy access to local amenities and major attractions like the cathedral and the river Severn. The hotel's central position, combined with its affordability, makes it a favorite among travelers. Guests appreciate the spacious, clean and stylish rooms that provide a quiet and comfortable retreat despite the bustling surroundings. The modern decor, comfortable beds and thoughtful amenities, such as large walk-in showers and temperature control, further enhance the overall positive experience.

While breakfast receives mixed reviews, many guests commend its variety, good value and the convenience of on-site dining starting as early as 7 AM. Dinner at the hotel’s pub is described as reliable with a range of comfort foods available throughout the day. Although some guests mention issues like lukewarm food and occasional unavailable items, the overall dining experience is considered satisfactory, offering good value for money.

Guests frequently highlight the exceptional cleanliness of the hotel with rooms consistently described as spotless and well-maintained. The efficiency and friendliness of the staff are universally lauded, contributing significantly to the pleasant stay. Staff are noted for their professional, helpful and welcoming demeanor, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Despite its excellent value and amenities, the hotel faces criticism for its inconsistent WiFi quality, which can be problematic for guests needing reliable internet connectivity. Additionally, while the hotel is described as family-friendly with spacious rooms and convenient on-site dining, there are occasional minor issues like booking delays.

The nightlife around The Crown Wetherspoon is another highlight with its central location providing easy access to vibrant bars and restaurants. Guests appreciate the lively yet surprisingly quiet rooms, enhancing their overall experience. Although noise from the pub and city center can be a concern on weekends, most visitors find their stays peaceful and comfortable.

The comfortable and generously sized beds are frequently praised, contributing to restful nights, although a few guests have personal preferences that aren’t always met. The hotel also offers various accessibility features such as lifts, accessible rooms and grab rails, making it a suitable choice for guests with mobility issues, even though some areas like narrow stairways and occasional lift breakdowns pose challenges.

In summary, The Crown Wetherspoon excels in providing a comfortable and convenient stay with its prime location, comfortable rooms, friendly staff and good value dining options, making it an appealing choice for visitors to Worcester.
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Room Types
Single Room The single room offers air conditioning, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath or a shower and a hairdryer. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room The spacious double room provides air conditioning, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom featuring a bath or a shower and a hairdryer. This double room features a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Twin/Double Room The spacious twin/double room features air conditioning, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath or a shower and a hairdryer. This twin/double room has a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV.

Family Room This family room has a double bed and a sofa bed that can accomodate children under 12 years of age. The room also offers a electric kettle and air conditioning.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
'The Crown Wetherspoon' boasts an exceptional location highly praised by its guests for being in the heart of Worcester. Positioned centrally, the hotel provides easy access to a variety of local amenities, including shops, restaurants, bars and historic sites. Its proximity to Worcester Foregate Street Station makes it ideal for travelers relying on public transport. Guests enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance of major attractions such as the cathedral and the river Severn.

The hotel is also noted for its value for money with many reviewers appreciating the affordable pricing for such a prime location. Rooms are described as clean, spacious and comfortable, adding to the overall positive experience. The central yet quiet setting offers a peaceful retreat amidst the vibrant city center. Despite being close to a busy pub, guests reported minimal noise disturbance.

Overall, 'The Crown Wetherspoon' stands out for its fantastic, city-center location, providing both convenience and comfort for those looking to explore Worcester.

Reviews for breakfast at The Crown Wetherspoon reveal a mix of opinions but lean towards the positive. Many guests praised the breakfast for its excellent value and variety with phrases like great price, good value for money and affordable breakfast menu frequently mentioned. The convenience of having breakfast available on-site was appreciated by visitors, particularly the option for an early meal starting at 7 AM. There were several commendations for the selection of food, including vegetarian options and breakfast muffins, as well as favorable comments on the quality, describing it as great and tasty.

The typical Wetherspoon's standard was highlighted with some guests expressing their fondness for the brand's breakfast offerings. Table service for food and drinks and the helpfulness of staff, especially during breakfast, were also positively noted. Despite many positive remarks, some reviews mentioned less enjoyable experiences, such as food being lukewarm or cold and occasional issues like no brown bread for toast or a lack of milk at the drinks machine.

Although breakfast isn't included in the room price, many guests found the add-on worth it due to the reasonable pricing and good quality. However, the idea of including breakfast in the room rate was also suggested. Overall, the breakfast offerings at The Crown Wetherspoon are mostly well-received, especially considering the value for money, but consistency and serving temperature could use some improvement.

The Crown Wetherspoon offers a reliable dining experience consistent with the usual standards of Wetherspoons pubs. Guests generally find the dinner options good and reliably consistent with a variety of comfort foods available. The meals and drinks are priced reasonably, providing good value for money. The availability of meals throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, offers convenience for guests who prefer to dine on-site.

While the quality of the food is generally considered adequate and satisfactory for its price, there are some criticisms. Some guests have encountered issues such as food arriving lukewarm, limited meat portions in curry dishes and occasional availability problems with menu items, especially on themed nights like steak night. Cleanliness of the dining area and the quality of certain food items, such as the half chicken, have also been points of contention.

Despite these occasional drawbacks, many guests appreciate the convenience of having a pub on-site for both breakfast and evening meals. The value for money, coupled with the standard Wetherspoons fare, meets the expectations of many diners, offering a straightforward and economical dining option.

The Crown Wetherspoon boasts an array of spacious and stylish rooms that consistently impress guests. Many highlight the modern decor and beautiful presentation, along with the cleanliness and comfort of the facilities. The rooms are described as large and airy with comfortable beds, modern bathrooms and well-thought-out furnishings. Guests appreciate the excellent value for money, noting that the rooms often exceed expectations with their upmarket feel and thoughtful details.

Despite being central and above a pub, the rooms are characterized as surprisingly quiet and cozy. Key features such as large walk-in showers, temperature control and tea/coffee making facilities add to the guests' comfort. The period property charm is well-maintained while offering modern conveniences, making for an enjoyable stay. Some smaller rooms are mentioned, but even these are praised for their comfort and clever use of space.

Overall, the thorough cleanliness, spaciousness and modern amenities make The Crown Wetherspoon an excellent choice for travelers seeking comfort and convenience in a central location.

The beds at The Crown Wetherspoon receive high praise from guests for their comfort and generous size. Many reviewers highlight the large, comfy beds that contribute to a restful night's sleep. Words like "very comfortable," "super comfy," and "massive bed" are frequently mentioned, underscoring the satisfaction with the quality of sleep provided. Guests also appreciate the cleanliness of the beds and the availability of soft, plush duvet covers and adequate large towels.

While most feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there are occasional remarks about minor issues. Some guests noted that the firmness of the pillows or mattresses did not meet their personal preferences and a few mentioned noise or lack of proper bedding arrangements. However, these points are far outweighed by the general consensus that the beds are a highlight of the stay, providing the comfort and support needed for an enjoyable visit. In summary, The Crown Wetherspoon excels in offering a comfortable and restful experience with their high-quality beds, making it an appealing choice for travelers prioritizing a good night's sleep.

The Crown Wetherspoon emerges as a standout choice for travelers prioritizing spotless accommodations. Guests frequently praised the hotel's rooms, which were consistently described as clean, comfortable and well-maintained. Many highlighted the exceptional cleanliness, noting rooms as "spotlessly clean" and "exceptionally clean," with fresh decor and well-kept facilities. Towels and bed linens were repeatedly mentioned for their cleanliness and freshness, adding to the overall positive experience.

Staff efficiency and helpfulness further contributed to the pleasant stay with several guests appreciating their cheerful demeanor. The hotel’s modern décor and contemporary furnishings also received commendations, enhancing the appeal of the spacious and airy rooms. Strategically located in a central area, the hotel offers convenience alongside its high cleanliness standards.

Despite a few mentions of housekeeping needing more attention, the general consensus underscores The Crown Wetherspoon as a refreshingly clean and comfortable establishment, making it a worthwhile consideration for anyone seeking a well-maintained and centrally located accommodation option.

The reviews for "The Crown Wetherspoon" universally highlight the standout quality of their staff. Guests consistently describe the staff as friendly, helpful and professional. Many reviews commend their exceptional, welcoming and cheerful demeanor, noting that the reception staff in particular were superbly professional and accommodating. The check-in process is frequently mentioned as smooth and efficient with special mentions of the night manager's helpfulness and the manager's welcoming attitude.

The staff's willingness to assist guests in every aspect is a recurring theme; they are described as courteous, kind and always ready to go the extra mile. It's evident that the staff contribute significantly to the guests' positive experiences, ensuring their needs are met promptly and with a smile. Whether dealing with check-ins, handling luggage or providing information, the staff are noted for making interactions pleasant and stress-free. Though there are minor mentions of occasional grumpiness from some staff, the overwhelming sentiment remains highly positive.

Overall, it is clear that "The Crown Wetherspoon" benefits greatly from a team of superbly efficient, friendly and professional staff who make a memorable difference in the guest experience.

Nestled in a prime location, The Crown Wetherspoon offers great value to its guests. However, visitors frequently mention the inconsistent quality of the hotel's WiFi. Many have experienced the WiFi dropping in and out with reports of it being unreliable and poor in many areas. Guests find the connection spotty, often needing to reconnect repeatedly and some even find it unusable for tasks on laptops. While the affordability and location of The Crown Wetherspoon are key highlights, the less-than-stellar performance of the WiFi is a recurrent issue that might affect those needing stable internet connectivity during their stay.

The Crown Wetherspoon stands out as a family-friendly hotel with many reviews highlighting its suitability for those traveling with children. Families can enjoy spacious rooms furnished with king-sized beds, providing ample space and comfort, even with the addition of a travel cot. The hotel’s central location makes it conveniently close to family visits and local attractions, offering an ideal base for exploring the town.

The on-site pub restaurant offers an additional convenience for dining without having to leave the premises. Despite occasional minor issues like booking delays or maintenance needs, guests have praised the overall comfort and quiet atmosphere of the rooms. The consistent positive feedback from families, including those making return visits, emphasizes the hotel's welcoming environment and practical amenities tailored to ensure a pleasant stay for guests of all ages.

Located right in the heart of town, The Crown Wetherspoon offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking vibrant nightlife. Guests consistently highlight the convenience of its central location, placing you in the midst of an exciting array of bars, restaurants, shops and stunning views of the cathedral. The proximity to the pub stands out as a major advantage, providing a lively atmosphere and a convenient spot to unwind.

The majority of reviews suggest a great time with enjoyable nights out, thanks to the mix of action and friendly, helpful staff. Despite the occasional noise from the pub and the city center, many visitors were pleasantly surprised by how quiet the rooms were, particularly those on the top floor. For those concerned about late-night revelry, it’s worth noting that some guests found their stays quieter than expected.

However, it's clear that weekends can bring more noise, especially from rowdy crowds or the pub downstairs, which stays open late. Some also mentioned noise from the kitchen fans and city center bustle. But overall, the experience was described as surprisingly peaceful despite the hotel's central location. Clean and comfortable rooms added to the positive experience, making it a safe and pleasant choice for those looking to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

The Crown Wetherspoon offers various accessibility features that cater to guests with disabilities. Access to rooms is facilitated by lifts in some areas, making it easier for guests to reach higher floors. Specific accessible rooms and en suite budget showers with grab rails enhance comfort for those with mobility issues. Additionally, an easy access room next to the lift further adds to convenience.

Located centrally and close to the bus station, the hotel provides safe and secure entrance to the rooms, ensuring a seamless experience for families and individuals alike. However, there were mentions of narrow stairways and occasional lift breakdowns, which could pose challenges for less mobile guests. It is noted that the staff are generally courteous and attentive to accessibility issues.

Parking is available around the corner, but the pedestrian area prevents cars from accessing the premises directly. While most find the accessibility features beneficial, there's a noted need for clearer information on accessibility provisions to assist wheelchair users better. Overall, the hotel strives to offer a pleasant stay for guests with disabilities, despite some areas needing improvement.

No, The Crown Wetherspoon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Crown Wetherspoon.

No, The Crown Wetherspoon doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The Crown Wetherspoon.

No, The Crown Wetherspoon doesn't have a gym.

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