The Art of Stay: Uncovering 8 Exquisite Design Hotels in Greece

April 8, 2024 by Akylina Printziou

Photo:  Olea All Suite Hotel

Ever dreamed of waking up to the gentle murmur of the sea in a room where history meets contemporary elegance? Greece, a country where the sun kisses the earth with a palette of blue and white, offers an abundance of stunning landscapes, as well as beautifully designed hotels that turn your stay into a piece of art itself. From the vibrant streets of Athens to the picturesque beaches of the Cyclades, design hotels in Greece provide a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern luxury, making every stay unforgettable.

In this blog post, we journey through 8 spectacular design hotels nestled in Greece's most picturesque locales. These hotels, ranging from modern boutique-style hotels to refurbished historic buildings, offer bespoke experiences that resonate with the soul of the traveler in search of beauty, tranquility and luxury. Whether you're a history enthusiast eager to explore ancient ruins or a sun-seeker looking to indulge in coastal luxury, our curated list of Greece's best design hotels promises to elevate your travel experience beyond the ordinary. Join us as we unveil these architectural gems, where every corner tells a story, every room opens to breathtaking views, and every service is tailored to offer you a slice of Greek paradise.

Dexamenes Seaside Hotel

Nestled on the serene Kourouta beach near Amaliada, Dexamenes Seaside Hotel stands as a breathtaking testament to the harmonious blend of history and modernity. This unique destination, originally a postwar winery, has been ingeniously transformed into a luxury resort, marrying the raw, industrial aesthetics of its past with the polished elegance of contemporary design. At the heart of its architectural marvel is the work of K-Studio, renowned for their ability to engage the past with the present while respecting the materials and history of the site. The interior design features a striking contrast between the patina of exposed concrete walls and the clarity of engineered glass partitions, complemented by polished terrazzo floors. Timber elements intersperse dashes of warmth throughout, paying homage to the area's nautical history and contributing to the overall ambiance of conscious luxury.

Due to its nature, Dexamenes Seaside Hotel is also one of the eco-friendly hotels in Peloponnese, exemplifying sustainability through its conscious hotel principles, operating under the ethos of "reduce, recycle, and respect". This commitment is evident in the preservation of the original wine tanks, now repurposed into the hotel's WineTank Suites and Seaview ChemLab Suites, which maintain their industrial charm with minimal restoration. These accommodations, laid out in parallel rows of concrete blocks with a steel-frame extension, overlook one of the most unspoiled stretches of coastline in the western Peloponnese. Dexamenes Seaside Hotel, an upcycling case in itself, offers a unique slice of Greek trading history, meticulously designed to provide a luxurious, eco-conscious escape for those seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Peloponnese.

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Perianth Hotel

In the vibrant heart of Athens, where ancient history and modernity intertwine, lies the Perianth Hotel, a neo-modernist marvel that embodies contemporary Greek culture. This architectural treasure, also designed by the renowned K-Studio, is a testament to the Athenian modern movement, with its streamlined art deco facade opening to interiors that celebrate Greece today. Situated in the bustling Agias Eirinis square, Perianth Hotel offers guests stunning views of the Acropolis, complemented by rooms and public spaces adorned with curated artworks by contemporary Greek artists. The design is a deliberate departure from conventional hotel layouts, opting instead for short hallways that link the lounge of each floor with the rooms, creating a more intimate, home-like atmosphere. The integration of materials such as black, grey, and dark green mosaic tiles with bronze and marble elements pays homage to the mid-war era, while minimal curves and pastel colors bridge the gap to the present.

Beyond its striking design, Perianth Hotel aligns with the principles of holistic well-being, establishing itself as one of the premier hotels for yoga in Athens. Its unique affiliation with the Zen Center Athens—a sanctuary devoted to meditation, martial arts, yoga, and Eastern philosophy—offers a rare blend of wellness and culture. This partnership invites guests to immerse themselves in practices of self-discovery and tranquility amidst the backdrop of Athens' historical grandeur. The hotel's thoughtful integration of art and architecture invites guests to engage in a dialogue with contemporary Greek culture, providing a deeply enriching experience that transcends the ordinary. From the luxurious, naturally lit bathrooms to the open bar that draws the city's vibe inside, every aspect of Perianth Hotel is designed to offer a sanctuary of comfort, culture, and contemporary elegance in the heart of Greece's ancient capital.

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PNOĒS Tinos is the first luxury design destination on the enchanting island of Tinos, setting a new standard for tranquil and indulgent escapes. This haven of serenity is masterfully designed to blend seamlessly with the elemental beauty of the Cyclades, where the earth, wind, and water are not merely surroundings but the essence of its architectural inspiration. The villas at PNOĒS Tinos, envisioned by the innovative Aristides Dallas Architects, echo the island's natural tranquility through their Cycladic-inspired aesthetics, boasting spacious layouts that are both elegantly simple and meticulously detailed. Traditional craft meets modern technique in a harmonious balance that is both contemporary and timeless. The dry stone walls and lime-washed surfaces of the local landscape meet minimal steel and wood structures, with broad, airy openings inviting the outside in, creating spaces of introspection, inspiration, and unparalleled relaxation.

As one of the hotels with a pool in Tinos, PNOĒS Tinos offers an unparalleled outdoor experience that captures the essence of the island's revitalizing energy. Each villa's private pool, set against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea and Tinos's lush farmland, offers a secluded oasis for guests to unwind, breathe, and let the stresses of the outside world melt away. The design extends beyond the physical structures to the carefully curated outdoor spaces and walkways, unraveling between the natural and manicured, the light and shade. This commitment to showcasing local goods, talent, and craftsmanship invites guests to embark on a journey of discovery, appreciating the culture of Tinos in both its traditional and contemporary forms. PNOĒS Tinos is a contemporary temple for tranquility and relaxation, embodying the philosophy of leaving behind a stressful lifestyle to breathe deeply in the embrace of Cycladic energy.

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Ekies All Senses Resort

Nestled in the embrace of Vourvourou Bay on Sithonia, one of the captivating peninsulas of Halkidiki, Ekies All Senses Resort is a sanctuary where luxury and nature converge. Awarded for its commitment to 'barefoot luxury', this member of Design Hotels celebrates the essence of Greek culture through its design, fabrics, and colors, all while being mindful of its ecological footprint. The resort's design philosophy is simple yet profound: to let the pristine and untouched natural surroundings take center stage. The resort's architecture and interiors, developed in collaboration with various Greek architects and design firms, feature three distinctive 'houses' where tradition and modernity coexist. This delicate balance is achieved through pared-back design complemented by playful pops of color and custom-designed illustrations, ensuring each room and suite offers a unique aesthetic experience.

As one of the beachfront hotels in Halkidiki, Ekies All Senses Resort provides an unparalleled connection to the sea, with the beach of Vourvourou just a few steps away from your accommodation. The use of eco-friendly materials throughout the resort, from non-toxic paints to ecological mattresses, underscores its minimal waste philosophy and commitment to sustainability. This commitment extends to the hotel's location within a zone protected by the Natura 2000 program, highlighting the area's extraordinary natural beauty. Whether guests choose to explore the surrounding caves, crystal waters, and pine forests, or simply enjoy the resort's pool, Ekies All Senses Resort promises a serene escape, where the luxury of relaxation and the richness of Greek culture are effortlessly intertwined.

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Olea All Suite Hotel

Perched amidst the lush greenery of Zakynthos, surrounded by timeless olive trees, the Olea All Suite Hotel stands as a monument to contemporary elegance and serenity. This distinguished 5-star oasis, positioned on a scenic hill just a stone's throw from the lively area of Tsilivi, harmonizes flawlessly with its natural environment, offering a peaceful haven from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Celebrated for its exquisite design, Olea All Suite Hotel is acclaimed as a pinnacle of tropical modernism, distinguished by its clean, graceful lines that permeate the architecture and interior spaces. The minimalist approach of the hotel's design philosophy fosters a tranquil ambiance that captivates the senses, enveloping guests in a quiet, romantic atmosphere that ensures memorable moments and cherished memories.

As one of the premier adult-only hotels in Zakynthos, Olea All Suite Hotel provides an idyllic sanctuary for those in search of tranquility and intimacy. At the heart of the Olea experience lies the Royal Spa, embodying the hotel's commitment to wellness and offering a range of rejuvenating therapies in a setting imbued with the soothing presence of water. The suites, which span from 36 to 105 square meters, all feature outdoor living areas that command stunning views of the hotel’s picturesque surroundings. Complemented by three restaurants that fuse Greek culinary traditions with Mediterranean flavors, Olea's award-winning design ensures your stay will be a delight to all senses.

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Myconian O, a Member of Design Hotels

The idea behind Myconian O, a Member of Design Hotels was conceived during the island's quiet winter months as a love letter to its timeless allure. This modern sanctuary, designed as an oasis at the water's edge, captures the essence of those slow, introspective moments islanders cherish, offering guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the slow rhythm of Greek island living. The design of Myconian O, a Member of Design Hotels effortlessly blends the natural beauty of Mykonos with contemporary luxury, creating a space where the warm touch of fine sand, the soothing whisper of waves, and the gentle Aegean breeze come together to offer a sublime experience of relaxation and connection.

Positioned as one of the 5-star hotels in Mykonos, Myconian O, a Member of Design Hotels elevates the concept of luxury with its meticulous attention to detail and its harmonious balance between tranquility and entertainment. The hotel boasts luxurious suites and public spaces that embody the spirit of Greek island living, with private terraces and a pool deck that sits at the heart of the hotel's vibrant atmosphere. The spa at Myconian O, a Member of Design Hotels promises deep relaxation and rejuvenation, complementing the culinary offerings that merge tradition with innovation. The hotel’s design philosophy extends to the spacious rooms and suites, which combine supreme in-room comforts with private outdoor areas, offering guests a secluded haven within steps of the sea. At Myconian O, a Member of Design Hotels, every amenity and service, from the exclusive entertainment on the pool terrace to the adventurous excursions curated by the concierge, is designed to create an unforgettable experience of indulgence and pleasure in the heart of Mykonos.

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Perched precariously on the edge of Santorini's caldera, Vora stands as a testament to the unique beauty and architectural prowess of the Cyclades. This boutique-style hotel, featuring three private villas carved into the ancient caves and cliffs of Imerovigli, offers a rare blend of minimalistic elegance and traditional Cycladic design. Each villa, with its custom-made furniture and soothing palette of beiges, grays, and dark brown wood, reflects the volcanic essence of the island while providing a serene, luxurious retreat. The modern design extends into each detail, from the spacious bedrooms nestled within the cave to the minimalist bathrooms and showers, all contributing to the intimate and upscale atmosphere of Vora. The highlight, a private plunge pool for each villa, presents guests with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the caldera's volcanic majesty, encapsulating the essence of luxury in harmony with nature.

Vora is renowned as one of the hotels for honeymoon in Santorini, offering tailor-made services that cater to the uniqueness of each guest, ensuring an unparalleled, intimate hospitality experience. Inspired by the island's natural beauty, Vora captures the perfect balance between contemporary design and the rich traditions of Santorini. This dedication to detail and personalized service extends beyond mere amenities, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the authentic and still-secret locales of the island, far from the commercialized tourist paths. Amidst the privacy and comfort of Vora, honeymooners and travelers alike can discover the original Santorini through its hidden smells, tastes, and breathtaking landscapes, making every stay an exclusive journey into the heart of the Cyclades.

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The Bold Type Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels

In the heart of Patra, where history whispers through the streets and ancient sights stand proudly, The Bold Type Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels is the epitome of modern luxury and design innovation. Within a classical building that once lay forgotten, a transformation has occurred, giving birth to a 5-star boutique-style hotel that blends the rich cultural heritage of Ano Polis with a bold, contemporary aesthetic. This architectural marvel, originally envisioned by Mr. Galanopoulos, the first owner of this building, now stands as a testament to the power of imagination in architectural transformation. The minimalist interior design contrasts sharply with the traditional, capturing the essence of modern luxury while paying homage to the building's storied past. Each of the hotel's four floors reveals a unique color theme that harmonizes with the building's original palette, from the verdant greens that echo the wild plantation of the garden to the deep reds that reflect the ancient Conservatory's stones, culminating in a design that is both cohesive and captivating.

As one of the luxury hotels in Patra, The Bold Type Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels distinguishes itself not only through its design but also through its commitment to personalized hospitality and sustainability. The hotel's ten rooms and suites, each a sanctuary of contemporary elegance, are complemented by a magnificent garden and a fine dining restaurant that transforms local ingredients into culinary masterpieces. The rooftop view, exclusive to hotel residents, offers panoramic vistas of Patra's most iconic landmarks, including the castle and the Ancient Roman Conservatory. With amenities like an electric vehicle charging station, The Bold Type Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels strides towards its sustainability goals, catering to the environmentally conscious traveler. Right in one of Patra's most iconic buildings, guests are invited to experience a blend of luxury, design, and personalized service that makes The Bold Type Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels a landmark in its own right, epitomizing the essence of contemporary luxury in the vibrant city of Patra.

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Exploring these 8 design hotels across Greece, we've ventured from the tranquil Peloponnese shores to the dramatic caldera of Santorini, uncovering each destination's unique blend of luxury, history, and design. These hotels not only offer exceptional stays, but they also provide a gateway to the rich diversity and beauty of Greece, inviting travelers to indulge in experiences that capture the essence of Greek culture and sophistication like never before. Whether you're drawn to serene beachfront retreats, romantic escapes, or the timeless elegance of integrated historic and contemporary design, you are invited on a journey to discover your ideal Greek sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in the world of design hotels with our curated collections, where Boutique-style Hotels offer a personalized touch of creativity, and Luxury Hotels provide an escape into opulence and refined service. For those drawn to the elegance of modern design with historical narratives, our Historic Hotels fuse past and present in stunning settings. Explore unique combinations like boutique-style and eco-friendly hotels for a sustainable yet chic retreat, or luxury hotels near vineyards for a taste of opulence amidst the beauty of vineyards around the globe. Our collections, promise to elevate your stay into an architectural and luxurious adventure, ensuring your next visit to Greece, or anywhere else in the world you wish to travel next, is as visually enriching as it is unforgettable.

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