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Summary of reviewsHotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is a highly recommended 4-star hotel for those seeking a tranquil getaway in the Black Forest. The location is picture-perfect and ideal for nature lovers who want to experience the beauty of the forest. The hotel offers modern amenities with good wellness facilities including a stunning indoor and outdoor pool area and a top-notch spa. The breakfast buffet receives glowing reviews, described as "superb," "excellent," and "fabulous" with a diverse range of options including vegan and gluten-free products. The restaurant serves excellent quality food with an extensive à la carte menu and 4-course gourmet dinner. The hotel provides comfortable and clean rooms ranging from standard to spacious family suites. The staff is friendly and attentive, making guests feel well taken care of with pets also welcomed warmly. The hotel offers the perfect romantic retreat and caters well to families with children. Cost may be slightly higher than expected, but the overall offering and quality exceed the 4-star status of the hotel. While there are a few areas for improvement in terms of room updating and bathroom cleanliness, guests enjoy a comfortable and rejuvenating stay in the calm and tranquil environment, making Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle an excellent choice for a peaceful getaway.
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Room Types
Single Room Classically furnished single room. Some of the rooms have a view to the forest at the backside. Minibar, bathrobe and sauna towel are in the room, please bring your own bathing shoes.

Deluxe Double Room Classically furnished rooms with free WiFi. Some rooms have a balcony with view on the Black Forest. Minibar, bathrobes and sauna towels are in the room, please bring your own bathing shoes.

Junior Suite Some of the suites have tea and coffee stations. Minibar, bathrobes and sauna towels are in the room, please bring your own bathing shoes.

Comfort Double Room These rooms have a view on the forest at the backside. Minibar, bathrobes and sauna towels are in the room, please bring your own bathing shoes.

Standard Double Room Some of these rooms have a view on the forest at the backside. Minibar, bathrobes and sauna towels are in the room, please bring your own bathing shoes.

Budget Single Room This single room has a balcony. Minibar, bathrobe and sauna towel are in the room, please bring your own bathing shoes.

Suite with Garden View This suite features 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. This suite has a minibar, TV, garden views, as well as wine/champagne for guests. The unit has 2 beds.

Two-Bedroom Suite This spacious suite comes with 1 living room, 2 separate bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a shower and free toiletries. This suite has a minibar, TV, garden views, as well as wine/champagne for guests. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in the serene and idyllic middle of the woods, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle provides a perfect getaway for those seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating stay. Surrounded by nature, guests can go for leisurely walks or challenging hikes on the numerous hiking trails right outside of the hotel. The location is picture-perfect and ideal for nature lovers who want to experience the beauty of the Black Forest. The hotel is well-equipped with modern amenities and offers good wellness facilities. The peace and quiet of the forest area make it a perfect spot for relaxation, although getting there might be quite a challenging car ride. Nonetheless, the charming and tranquil environment, together with the nearby hiking paths, makes Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle a truly picturesque and peaceful getaway.

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle's breakfast receives glowing reviews from guests who describe it as "superb," "excellent," and "fabulous." The breakfast buffet is extensive and offers a diverse range of options, including fresh juices, vegan options, gluten-free products and regional specialties. Guests appreciate the plentiful choices and the high quality of the food. The buffet is regularly restocked and meticulously maintained by attentive staff. Some guests suggest an earlier start time to cater to business travelers, but overall, everyone seems pleased with their breakfast experience at Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle.

If you're looking for a hotel with great food, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is definitely worth a visit. The restaurant has a varied à la carte menu and also offers a 4-course gourmet dinner. Guests raved about the excellent quality of the food, describing it as super, excellent and uniquely good. The breakfast buffet is also praised as excellent. The staff are friendly and attentive. Though there were a few guests who found the dinner limited, most loved the food and portion sizes with some commenting on the delicious meat dishes. The only downside mentioned was the cold draft during dinner. If you're looking for a lighter option, some guests suggested adding a few more lighter dishes to the menu. But overall, this restaurant is a top-notch choice for any traveler looking for quality food.

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle provides a variety of rooms, ranging from comfortable standard rooms to spacious suites. Guests can enjoy nicely decorated and well-equipped rooms, featuring everything one might need during their stay. Some rooms are modern and newly renovated while others may be older but still well-maintained. Families can opt for family suites or two-story apartments with two bathrooms and a balcony. However, some rooms may be small or outdated and lack modern amenities. Some guests experienced noisy rooms or bathrooms in need of updating. Overall, the rooms are clean and well-kept with a comfortable bed and good hygiene standards.

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle has some excellent reviews when it comes to the comfort of their beds. Guests have described the mattresses as "very good" and "super", providing a great night's sleep. Some have also mentioned the pillows, preferring firmer ones but noting that they were still comfortable. The hotel is also accommodating for those traveling with family members or friends with rooms offering separate sleeping options. While some reviewers did mention that the beds were narrow, this did not seem to detract from the overall comfort of the stay. Overall, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle appears to offer comfortable and restful nights for its guests.

The Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is highly recommended for its cleanliness. Guests have praised the hotel's cleanliness with phrases such as "alles perfekt", "sehr sauber", "very clean" and "Propreté parfaite". The sauna facilities and wellness area were also mentioned as being well organized and clean. However, some guests did highlight issues like a lack of cleanliness on the terrace or bathroom. Overall, the hotel is described as having a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere with a modern and well-maintained wellness area.

The staff at Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is known for their friendliness and attentiveness with many guests praising their helpful and respectful service. While some staff members may primarily speak German, there are always English-speaking employees available to assist. The hotel's commitment to guest satisfaction is evident with many reviewers noting the staff's willingness to go above and beyond to make their stay enjoyable. The breakfast lady and reception staff received particular praise for their warmth and friendliness. Families appreciated the child-friendly staff and pets were also welcomed warmly. The only negative feedback was from one reviewer who had an issue with overcharging and a challenging interaction with the owner/manager. Overall, guests felt well taken care of and enjoyed the attentive service of the hotel's dedicated team.

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle offers wifi access throughout the property. While some guests have reported issues with the wifi being slow or unreliable, many others have found it to be working well during their stay. Some have even mentioned that the hotel's wifi is the only way to stay connected and reachable, as there is no cellular network in the area. However, a few guests have found the network to be difficult to connect to and with limited capacity. Overall, the hotel offers an option for guests to stay connected during their visit.

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle boasts an exceptional spa with wellness facilities on the highest level. Guests experience complete relaxation in the spacious sauna landscape, pools (indoor and outdoor) and a Turkish bath. The 2500m2 spa includes a modern and clean wellness area, massages, manicures and several relaxation rooms with waterbeds. The bar in the spa area is a plus, where guests can enjoy coffee, cake, soup, cheese, sausages, yogurt and fruit. The combination of wellness and hiking is perfect for guests who want to experience nature and relax at the same time. Although busy during vacation time, there were never problems with loungers or space in the saunas. Overall, the hotel offers elegant and comfortable facilities, friendly staff and delicious food in both the wellness and restaurant areas.

If you're looking for a hotel with great pools, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is definitely worth considering! With two pools - an indoor and an outdoor one - and a top-notch spa area, you'll have plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind. Guests particularly enjoyed the heated outdoor pool, which offered a unique experience at night. While some noted that the water temperature in both pools could be slightly cooler, overall, the pools and spa area were modern, well-maintained and offered a great place to relax. Just be aware that pool access isn't included on your departure day and there's an extra fee if you want to extend your stay in the pool area past noon. However, despite this minor inconvenience, guests were generally very happy with the pools and would happily return for another stay.

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is an excellent choice for families with children with many positive reviews highlighting the family-friendly atmosphere and helpful staff. The hotel provides amenities for small children such as cribs and baby food preparation. The family rooms are spacious and comfortable. The hotel is also pet-friendly and is a great place to bring your furry friend. Guests enjoyed the quiet and beautiful surroundings, making it an ideal location for a relaxing family vacation. While some guests wished there were more activities specifically for kids, others appreciated the suggestions for nearby excursions. Overall, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is a lovely option for families seeking a peaceful getaway.

4 Star
Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is a comfortable and high-quality 4-star hotel that comes highly recommended by its guests. While some guests felt that the price was slightly higher than what they expected for the facilities, most guests were more than satisfied with the overall offering. The hotel had lovely facilities and was very clean with the quality exceeding the 4-star status of the hotel. As with any hotel, there were a few disappointed guests who felt that the bathroom was not quite up to par for a 4-star rating. Nevertheless, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle remains a comfortable and recommended option that guests can enjoy to the full extent of their budget and the 4-star rating offered by the hotel.

Outdoor Pool
Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle boasts a beautiful outdoor pool area that many guests find enjoyable. The heated outdoor pool is open year-round and guests have the opportunity to swim in it at night, which some find to be a fantastic experience. Additionally, the hotel's outdoor facilities include several saunas, which guests can use starting from 2:30 pm. Guests complimented the hotel for its wonderful outdoor pool and great location, which is perfect for taking walks or cycling with bikes that can be rented from the hotel. Despite some concerns about the water temperature being slightly chilly, the hotel's overall outdoor area is considered "great" and "lovely" by many guests.

Indoor Pool
The indoor pool of Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle seems to have mixed reviews based on guest feedback. Some guests enjoyed using the pool and found the area to be beautiful and relaxing. However, a few guests found the pool not suitable for wellness purposes as it was mostly occupied by small children and infants. Additionally, some guests found the water in the indoor pool to be too cold and not at the desired temperature for a therapeutic spa experience. Despite this, guests also positively mentioned the outdoor pool and spa area which was praised for being top-notch. All in all, the hotel offers both indoor and outdoor pools for guests to enjoy.

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is the perfect destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Surrounded by a beautiful forest, the hotel boasts a stunning wellness area that offers the ultimate relaxation experience. The restaurant exudes a cozy and intimate vibe, making it a perfect spot for a candlelit dinner with your significant other. The hotel also offers indulgent pampering weekends, allowing you to fully unwind and de-stress. The rooms are comfortable and snug, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. For those looking for a peaceful retreat, the Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle offers the 'Haus der Stille', which provides a calming and soothing environment. Overall, the hotel oozes with romance and ambiance, making it an ideal destination for couples looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is a great destination for pet owners who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation with their furry friends. The hotel is fully pet friendly with a welcoming staff that is accommodating to pets. Guests can bring their dogs along and enjoy a comfortable stay in quiet rooms with large terraces. The hotel offers practical and comfortable junior suites that are perfect for guests with pets. The hotel is an ideal place for a wellness vacation with your dog and features great amenities for both pets and their owners. While some guests reported hearing barking in their rooms, the overall experience at Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is a positive one for pet owners looking for a wonderful place to vacation with their furry friends.

Yes, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle.

Yes, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle.

Yes, Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle has a gym.

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