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Summary of reviewsMaestral Residence is situated on a picturesque hilltop, offering breathtaking views of the Bay of Piran and surrounded by century-old pine trees, providing a serene and tranquil environment. The location is highly praised for its proximity to the charming town centers of Portorož and Piran, both within easy walking distance, though the walk back to the hotel can be strenuous due to the incline. The convenience of on-site parking and easy car access adds to the appeal of the location.

The breakfast experience at Maestral Residence is well regarded with guests frequently mentioning the good quality and variety of options, including both sweet and savory items. The stunning sea views from the breakfast terrace further enhance the dining experience. While the breakfast can sometimes be simple or repetitive, particularly for children, overall, it is seen as a highlight of the stay.

Guests also praise the half-board option, which includes a delicious buffet dinner. Although the residence does not offer lunch or dinner services and the on-site bar is closed, there is a highly recommended restaurant nearby for those seeking additional dining options.

When it comes to accommodations, Maestral Residence provides basic, modest rooms that are clean and functional but often described as small and outdated. Despite the small size and minimal amenities, rooms with sea views and large balconies offer a pleasant contrast. Cleanliness is generally good with clean bedding and bathrooms, though some guests have noted maintenance issues like mold and cobwebs.

The staff at Maestral Residence receive consistent praise for their friendliness, professionalism and multilingual capabilities. Guests appreciate the welcoming and helpful demeanor from the reception to the kitchen staff, contributing to a positive overall experience.

Wifi at the residence is generally reliable with good coverage and strong signals, though a few guests reported occasional connectivity issues. The ease of access to the beach, despite the steep walk back, is a major plus with guests enjoying the beautiful but sometimes crowded waterfront.

Parking experiences are mixed with many guests appreciating the free and convenient parking, though some found the availability of parking spots limited, particularly during peak times.

Maestral Residence is a dog-friendly hotel, accommodating pets at a reasonable cost and with a staff that ensures pets feel welcome. However, the rooms can be quite cramped for both guests and their pets.

Overall, Maestral Residence stands out for its stunning location, friendly staff and decent breakfast offerings. It serves as a good base for exploring the natural beauty and attractions of Portorož and Piran, particularly for budget-oriented stays. However, there are areas for improvement in room comfort, cleanliness and parking provisions.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room This room type features a flat-screen cable TV, a work desk and a cooling fan. The private bathroom is fitted with a shower.

Family Room Rooms with a large balcony offering satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. They include a double bed and a sofa bed which sleeps 2 children.

Single Room Rooms offering satellite TV and free Wi-Fi.

One-Bedroom Apartment with Terrace This spacious apartment includes a seating area and a kitchen.

Double or Twin Room with Balcony and Sea View This air-conditioned twin/double room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with sea views.

Economy Single Room Featuring free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a shower. The single room features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private entrance, a wardrobe, a dressing room as well as garden views. The unit has 1 bed.

Family Room with Private Bathroom This air-conditioned family room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with streaming services, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with sea views. The unit has 6 beds.

Guest Reviews
Nestled high on a hilltop with a stunning view of the Bay of Piran, Maestral Residence boasts a prime location for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and convenience. This hotel is surrounded by century-old pine trees in a peaceful and picturesque environment, offering breathtaking sea views from many of its rooms and the terrace. The charming town centers of Portorož and Piran are within easy walking distance, making it easy for guests to explore the area on foot.

The proximity to Portorož's beaches and the central areas is a highlight, though it involves a bit of a trek due to the hotel’s elevated position. It's a 10 to 15-minute walk downhill to the beach, which, while scenic, can be a strenuous climb back up. Despite this, the location offers easy access by car and convenient on-site parking is available.

Guests particularly enjoy the serene atmosphere and the ability to reach local attractions like Piran and Portorož without the need for frequent drives. Grocery stores and other amenities are also close by, ensuring that everything is within convenient reach. For those who appreciate tranquility, stunning views and easy accessibility to the region’s highlights, Maestral Residence provides an excellent base.

Reviews of the breakfast at Maestral Residence highlight a generally positive experience with guests frequently mentioning the good quality and variety of options available. The breakfast is often described as delicious, fresh and commendable, catering to various tastes with a selection of both sweet and savory items. A standout feature for many guests is the breakfast terrace, which offers beautiful, stunning views of the sea, creating a pleasant dining atmosphere.

While some reviews note the breakfast as simple or basic, it is generally regarded as sufficient and filling. The inclusion of homemade cakes and the option to enjoy breakfast outdoors are appreciated by guests. The service during breakfast is often praised for being nice and attentive.

There are some mixed opinions with a few guests mentioning limited choices or repetitive options, especially for children. However, the overall sentiment is that the breakfast is a highlight of the stay with many guests finding it to be one of the best parts of their experience at Maestral Residence.

Maestral Residence offers a mixed dining experience for its guests. Many have praised the half-board option that includes an international breakfast and an excellent buffet dinner with food described as very tasty and good overall. Complementing the meals are delicious coffee and real orange juice, which have been well-received.

For those looking to explore dining options outside, there is a highly recommended restaurant just 300 meters away where guests can enjoy a good meal. Spending time on the terrace before dinner is highlighted as a particularly pleasant experience.

However, it's important to note some limitations. The residence does not serve lunch or dinner and the on-site bar is closed. Additionally, the breakfast selection could use more variety, as some guests noted the absence of items like croissants.

Overall, while Maestral Residence offers satisfying dining experiences on site, it's beneficial to be aware of its current dining service limitations and nearby alternatives.

Maestral Residence offers an experience that leans heavily on practical, no-frills accommodations, often described as basic and modest. While the hotel is older, it has undergone some renovations and cleanliness is generally noted with clean rooms, bathrooms and sheets receiving positive remarks. The hotel's standout feature is its proximity to a beautiful beach and lovely surrounding areas such as Piran, making it a great base for exploring.

Rooms, however, present a variety of challenges. Descriptions consistently point to their very small size, often feeling cramped and uncomfortable. The layout and furnishings in many rooms are outdated and worn with some guests comparing the tight spaces to prison cells. Bathrooms are similarly small and dated, sometimes lacking adequate shelf space and offering little to no privacy.

Soundproofing is another issue with noise from adjacent rooms and the street being easily heard, adding to the discomfort. Additionally, the room amenities are minimal and the absence of air conditioning in some rooms leaves them feeling hot and stuffy, especially in the summer months. Reserved family rooms also do not quite meet expectations in terms of space and comfort, often being too small for a larger group.

On the positive side, there are rooms with sea views and large balconies, which provide a pleasant contrast to the otherwise limited space. The facility's parking is conveniently located next to the reception, though the parking area itself is small and often crowded.

Overall, Maestral Residence is described as sufficient for short, budget-oriented stays, particularly if one doesn't plan to spend much time indoors. Its primary attractions are its location and the region's natural beauty rather than the accommodations themselves.

The beds at Maestral Residence garnered mixed reviews from guests. Positive feedback highlighted that some beds were comfortable with nice bedding and very good, comfortable options available. However, many guests experienced discomfort due to various issues. Common complaints included beds being too old, hard, saggy, or simply uncomfortable. The nonstandard short beds and twin beds placed together instead of a proper double bed were frequent points of dissatisfaction. Some guests noted that the beds were worn out, musty and even stained with poor-quality bed linen being a recurring issue. Additionally, the lack of slatted frames and instances where mattresses were either too soft or sliding apart only added to the discomfort. Despite some positive mentions, the bedding situation at Maestral Residence was generally seen as needing significant improvement.

Maestral Residence has received mixed reviews regarding its cleanliness. Guests have highlighted positive aspects, such as clean, tidy and comfortable rooms with several specifically mentioning clean bedding, sheets and spotless toilets. These positive remarks reflect an effort towards maintaining basic cleanliness standards in certain areas.

However, numerous visitors have pointed out significant issues. A recurring complaint is the presence of mold in several areas, including showers and bathroom walls. Many reviews report that rooms, hallways and other facilities are plagued with spider webs, cobwebs and ants, contributing to poor overall hygiene. The state of maintenance seems lacking as well with frequent mentions of damaged floors, broken shower doors, malfunctioning door locks and outdated amenities. Some guests found the rooms too small and inadequately cleaned with dust, dirt and stained carpets being common issues.

The general sentiment suggests that while some rooms are clean and well-kept, there is an urgent need for better sanitation practices, thorough cleaning and urgent renovations to improve the overall guest experience.

The staff at Maestral Residence is consistently praised for their friendliness and helpfulness. Reviews highlight the staff's kindness and multilingual capabilities, which make interactions easy and pleasant for guests from various backgrounds. The reception and breakfast staff receive specific mentions for their warmth and professionalism, ensuring guests feel welcomed from the moment they arrive and throughout their stay.

Exceptional service is a recurring theme in the reviews with staff often going above and beyond to accommodate guests' needs. The words courteous, polite and hospitable frequently appear, painting a picture of a team dedicated to providing a positive experience. Even the kitchen staff receive accolades for their pleasant and cooperative demeanor.

Negative comments are rare but suggest that occasional improvements in staff motivation and charm could enhance the overall guest experience. Despite the few critical remarks, the overwhelming sentiment is one of high regard and satisfaction with the staff's performance at Maestral Residence.

Guests generally reported a positive experience with the wifi at Maestral Residence, highlighting good coverage, strong signals and well-functioning connections. Some noted the wifi as excellent and very good, emphasizing its reliability. However, a few reviews mentioned issues, such as the lack of a password and instances where the wifi was not working or was very weak. Despite these occasional problems, the availability of free wifi was appreciated by guests.

Maestral Residence offers an appealing proximity to the beach in Portorož with a convenient walkway that is relatively close to the sea. Guests frequently mention the short walk to the beach, typically approximately 10 minutes, although the descent and subsequent climb back can be quite steep, making it a bit of a workout. Despite this incline, the location is highly praised for its accessibility, even without a car, as the coast is within walking distance.

Visitors describe the beach itself as beautiful, although it tends to be crowded at times. The waterfront mainly consists of concrete with entry into the water facilitated by ladders or steps and only a narrow section offers sandy stretches. There are some practical concerns mentioned, such as the high prices for beach spots and a lack of sufficient spaces for hanging wet swimsuits and towels at the hotel.

The idyllic views of the sea and the close proximity to the beach make Maestral Residence a delightful choice for those prepared for a bit of an uphill climb on the return trip. The ease of access via nearby roads adds to its convenience, despite the steep inclines that may pose a challenge for older guests. Overall, the central and beautiful location with a promising seaside experience makes it a worthwhile consideration.

Maestral Residence offers mixed experiences when it comes to parking. A significant number of reviews highlight the availability of free parking and the benefit of private parking spaces included in the price. The large parking lot is frequently mentioned, suggesting that many guests appreciate the convenience of on-site and nearby parking spaces, including shaded areas and a calm neighborhood atmosphere.

However, several reviews point out that parking can be limited with some guests struggling to find available spots directly on the premises, leading to occasional reliance on street parking or paid parking areas further away. Despite the ample parking for some, others found it difficult to secure a spot close to the accommodation, especially when the parking spaces do not sufficiently cover the number of rooms. As a result, parking can become a cumbersome experience with some guests noting it as 'not good' or 'inadequate.'

While the large, pine-forest-nested parking lot is appreciated, it seems that during peak times, the parking situation can become strained with cars overflowing the designated spaces. Guests who arrive later may need to park a bit further up the road. The entrance and exit setup adds to the complexity, contributing to what some describe as an 'uncomfortable' and 'difficult' parking scenario.

In summary, while many guests at Maestral Residence commend the free and private parking facilities, others find them insufficient, leading to a mix of convenient and somewhat challenging parking experiences.

Maestral Residence may offer convenient facilities for groups, but it seems less than ideal for families with children. The family rooms are particularly small, described as cramped and suitable only for a microcar. There appears to be a stale smell in these rooms, which further detracts from their comfort. Despite being marketed as family-friendly, the space constraint makes it challenging for families, especially those with small children, to stay comfortably. Families might want to consider other options if space and comfort are priorities.

Dog Friendly
Maestral Residence offers dog-friendly accommodation, making it a suitable choice for pet owners. The hotel's policy clearly supports pets and the dog-friendly accommodation is reasonably priced. Guests have had positive interactions with the staff, who are noted for their amiable demeanor towards dogs, ensuring pets feel welcome. Despite the small size of the rooms, which some reviewers found insufficient for two people and a dog, the overall experience is still favorable for pet owners. The combination of pet-friendliness and accommodating staff contributes to an enjoyable stay for both guests and their dogs.

No, Maestral Residence doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Maestral Residence.

Yes, Maestral Residence welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Maestral Residence.

No, Maestral Residence doesn't have a gym.

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