Parador de Jaén
Hotel in Jaen
Andalucia > Jaen > Area metropolitana de Jaen
From $121
From $121
Haunted Hotel
Located in an 13th century Arab fortress, Parador de Jaén hides quite a few ghostly secrets behind its doors. According to a guest who stayed in the castle's Room 22, he was awakened in the middle of the night by loud thuds on the door and the cries of a woman. It was later confirmed that the noises were made by the ghost of a young woman who had died of heartbreak in that very room many centuries ago. The hotel also accommodates the spirit of Terrible Lizard, a prisoner who died of starvation while being locked up in the fortress centuries ago. Most people say he is a harmless ghost, but he is believed to possess the distracted guests.
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Parador de Cardona
Hotel in Cardona
Catalonia > Barcelona
Very Good
From $91
From $91
Haunted Hotel
Parador de Cardona is a medieval castle on top of a hill with an 11th century Romanesque church. The castle itself looks eerie enough, but the presence of a resident ghost makes it truly spooky. This ghost seems to reside in Room 712, where it moves the furniture towards the middle of the room.
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Parador de Olite
Hotel in Olite
Navarre > Navarre
Very Good
From $103
From $103
Haunted Hotel
A 15th century castle considered as a national monument today, Parador de Olite is much more than just a historical site to be admired. In fact, the spirit of an ancient prince appears to still reside in the castle, keeping the light bulb above his portrait on at all times, even when all the lights in the castle have been turned off. Perhaps he's too afraid of being forgotten...
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