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Summary of reviewsBioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel is a picturesque retreat nestled in a tranquil bay surrounded by natural greenery, offering guests serene escapes right by the Adriatic Sea. Its prime location provides easy access to nearby towns and outdoor activities like hiking and biking, enhancing the overall appeal. The hotel boasts beautiful, well-maintained gardens and park areas, contributing to a peaceful atmosphere perfect for relaxation and exploration alike.

The resort's breakfast experience is highly appreciated for its quality, variety and abundance, setting a high bar for guest satisfaction. Guests enjoy a wide selection of healthy options and hearty dishes that cater to diverse tastes. Similarly, the dining experience during dinner impresses with its delicious and varied buffets, although there is room for improvement in expanding options and modernizing the menu.

Accommodations at the hotel offer spacious, clean rooms with air conditioning and beautiful views, particularly those of the sea or park. Superior rooms are recommended for added comfort with balconies and more modern amenities. However, some standard rooms face criticism for their outdated facilities and occasional maintenance issues.

Cleanliness is a strong point at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel with consistently tidy rooms and well-maintained public spaces, including clean beaches and swimming pools. The friendly and attentive staff further enhance the pleasant atmosphere, providing exceptional service and accommodating guest needs effectively.

Although the Wi-Fi service needs improvement, particularly in guest rooms, the wellness and spa offerings receive positive feedback for their relaxing ambiance and professional masseurs, despite additional charges and restricted access times. The indoor and outdoor seawater pools are refreshing and clean but could benefit from extended access hours and more sunbeds.

Guests enjoy the peaceful beach with its clean, well-maintained environment, despite its rocky nature and smaller size compared to larger sandy beaches. The convenience of direct beach access and the availability of beach amenities add to the overall pleasant seaside experience. Parking, being free and ample, generally satisfies guests, although occasional crowding can occur.

Families find the resort accommodating with a range of activities for children, including playgrounds and organized events, making it a delightful retreat for those with young ones.

In summary, Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel stands out for its excellent location, high-quality food, clean rooms and professional, friendly staff, making it a great choice for guests seeking a relaxing and enjoyable seaside stay.
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Room Types
Superior Double Room or Twin Room with Balcony This air-conditioned room features a balcony and comes equipped with cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom comprises a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Superior Double or Twin Room with Balcony and Sea View This air-conditioned room features a balcony with views of the Adriatic Sea and comes equipped with cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom comprises a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Superior Single Room with Balcony This single room has a balcony, minibar and air conditioning. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Superior Double or Twin Room with Extra Bed and Balcony This double room features a balcony, air conditioning and minibar. Please note that 1 extra bed is available in this room type.

Superior Double or Twin Room with Extra Bed, Sea View and Balcony This double room has a balcony, private entrance and minibar. Please note that 1 extra bed is available in this room type.

Bioenergetic Suite The air-conditioned suite features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a walk-in shower and a bath. Featuring a terrace with sea views, this suite also provides a minibar and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit offers 2 beds.

Special Offer - Superior Double or Twin Room with Balcony and New Year's Package This Special Offer includes: - Accommodation in Superior Double or Twin Room with Balcony - Half-board (self-service breakfast and dinner) - Christmas dinner on 24 December and breakfast on 25 December - Candlelight night swimming (30 December) - New Year's Eve dinner and live music (31 December) - Drinks included with New Year's Eve dinner - New Year's present - Festive events and entertainment programme - Free entry to the indoor pool with heated sea water - Parking space

Special Offer - Superior Double or Twin Room with Balcony, Sea View and New Year's Package This Special Offer includes: - Accommodation in the selected room type - Buffet breakfast and dinner - Animation program and Christmas dinner (for stays over 24/12) - New Year's Eve program with gala dinner and live music (for stays over 31/12) - Unlimited swimming in the hotel pool with heated sea water - Unlimited internet use in the hotel - Outdoor parking

Standard Single Room This single room comes with a cable TV, private bathroom with a shower and french balcony.

Standard Double or Twin Room This double room comes with a cable TV, private bathroom with a shower and french balcony.

Flexible Room Please note that the room and bed type will be allocated at check-in according to availability. Guests may be asked to change rooms during the stay, and room types may vary.

Special Offer - Double Room with New Year's Package The double room features air conditioning. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel boasts an exceptional location nestled in a peaceful bay surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil forests, offering guests a serene escape directly by the Adriatic Sea. The hotel's prime position makes it an excellent hub for exploring nearby towns such as Piran and Izola, as well as other attractions and beautiful surrounding nature. The proximity to the beach is a highlight with direct access to a clean, secluded shore just a few steps away from the rooms.

Guests appreciate the well-maintained, beautiful garden and park areas, creating a soothing environment for relaxation. The location also provides ideal opportunities for outdoor activities including walking, hiking, biking and day trips, making it a versatile destination for both relaxation and exploration.

Additionally, the quiet and calming atmosphere is enhanced by the friendly staff and a rich selection of food, despite occasional noise in the restaurant. The convenience of being able to park close to the hotel adds to the overall ease of stay, ensuring that logistics do not detract from the delightful experience.

The breakfast experience at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel receives high praise from guests for its quality, variety and abundance. Multiple reviews highlight the extensive selection available, ranging from a grand buffet to a hearty assortment of fruits, vegetables and even pancakes. "Very good," "excellent," and "delicious" are frequent descriptors, suggesting that the food meets high expectations.

Guests appreciate the wide choice provided, ensuring that everyone can find something to their taste. The breakfast buffet is noted for its richness and diversity, offering a range of healthy options and catering to different preferences. The quality of the food stands out with high-quality products frequently mentioned.

While many reviews focus on the excellence of the breakfast, some comments note that the breakfast and dinner offerings are tasty but somewhat limited in variety. Despite this, the positive sentiment overwhelmingly suggests that the breakfast at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel is a standout feature, contributing to a satisfying start to the day.

Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel offers a dining experience that largely impresses its guests. The breakfast and dinner buffets are described as extensive, hearty and diverse with many guests praising the quality and variety of the food. Top chefs ensure that meals are delicious and well-prepared, catering to a wide range of tastes with plentiful fish dishes, soups and a range of main courses and desserts.

Many reviews highlight that dinner exceeded their expectations in both taste and variety with some noting that there's always something for everyone. The consistent high standard of food, combined with excellent service, contributes significantly to a positive dining experience. Guests appreciate the option to purchase dinner even if not on a half-board plan and the reasonable pricing adds to its appeal.

However, a few guests mentioned that the dinner buffet could be monotonous and not very creative with some noting that drinks are not included in the half-board dinner, which can be disappointing. Some Italian guests felt the buffet didn't meet their culinary standards and a few others pointed out that certain elements like eggs were not always cooked to their liking.

Overall, while there are some areas for improvement like adding more modern cuisine and including drinks in the dinner package, the majority of guests find the food at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel to be excellent, varied and a key highlight of their stay.

Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel offers a mixed experience when it comes to its rooms with a blend of spaciousness, cleanliness and essential comforts that cater well to many guests, though some may find room for improvement. The rooms are frequently described as clean and spacious with daily cleaning ensuring tidiness. Many guests appreciate the air conditioning, quiet ambiance and the beautiful views, especially those overlooking the sea or the park. An upgrade to rooms with balconies and sea views is highly recommended for a more enjoyable stay.

The rooms provide satisfactory comfort with well-functioning air conditioning systems and nice decorations. The superior rooms particularly stand out due to their larger size and additional amenities such as a balcony and air conditioning. This makes them a solid choice for those seeking a bit more luxury at the resort.

However, the standard rooms have drawn some criticism, especially for their outdated facilities. These rooms are often described as small and lacking in basic equipment such as refrigerators and kettles. Issues such as noise, worn-out furniture and insufficient room cleaning have also been noted. Some guests mentioned an unpleasant smell and even disturbances by ants.

The bathrooms receive mixed reviews; while generally clean, some elements like rusty radiators and small shower cabins are due for renovation. The lack of brochures or promotions about local attractions is also an aspect that could be improved.

In summary, while Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel provides large, clean rooms with beautiful views and essential comforts, the standard rooms could benefit from updates and better maintenance to meet the expectations of all guests.

The beds at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel receive mixed feedback from guests with some highlighting their comfort and spaciousness. Many reviews commend the large and comfortable beds, while others appreciate the good and very comfortable mattresses. Those who prefer softer beds will find some satisfaction, as quite a few guests mention the beds being soft.

However, there are several aspects that draw criticism. Frequent noises from squeaky beds and creaking mattresses are commonly reported and some guests emphasize the discomfort due to old, tired or sunken bedding. The firmness of the mattresses seems to be a point of contention with some finding them too hard and others too soft. Additionally, the pillows have received mixed reviews; although new, they are often described as too thick or too firm.

Overall, while there is praise for the comfort and size of the beds, there are significant issues with bed noise, mattress firmness and pillow comfort that the hotel may need to address to enhance guest satisfaction.

Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel has garnered attention for its commendable cleanliness, frequently highlighted by guests in their reviews. Many guests found the rooms to be consistently clean, tidy and well-maintained, contributing to an overall pleasant stay. The hotel's commitment to cleanliness extends beyond the rooms with clean beaches and a generally clean and organized hotel environment. The swimming pool also features beautifully clean water.

While the majority of reviews praised the cleanliness, some guests noted areas for improvement, such as "worn out" rooms and occasional lapses in floor cleaning. Despite these minor issues, the attentive and friendly staff were consistently appreciated, enhancing the overall experience.

In addition to cleanliness, the hotel offers good room service and the dining experiences were frequently praised with many guests enjoying their breakfasts and dinners. The combination of clean accommodations, attentive staff and reliable amenities makes Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel a solid choice for travelers seeking a clean and hospitable stay by the seaside.

At the Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel, the staff consistently impress guests with their friendliness and helpfulness. The reception team and service staff are particularly noted for their accommodating and professional demeanor, making every interaction pleasant. Guests highlight the exceptional flexibility of the team, whether assisting with unexpected car issues or providing attentive service throughout their stay. Multilingual abilities further enhance the guest experience, ensuring clear communication and personalized service.

The staff's polite and courteous nature extends to all areas of the hotel, including housekeeping and the wellness area, contributing significantly to the overall cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere. Although there are occasional mentions of understaffing in the bar, the overall impression remains overwhelmingly positive. The commendable hospitality, paired with delicious food and serene surroundings, ensures that guests feel valued and well cared for during their visit.

Guests of Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel have shared mixed experiences regarding the hotel's Wi-Fi service. While Wi-Fi is indeed available, the connection appears to be quite unreliable, particularly in the guest rooms. Many visitors have pointed out the weak or almost non-existent Wi-Fi signal in their rooms, rendering the internet unusable or very slow when it does work. Some have noted that the Wi-Fi tends to work better in the hotel lobby, but even there, the connection is not always stable or fast with bandwidths rarely exceeding 3Mb/sec. In summary, guests looking to maintain a robust internet connection during their stay might find the hotel's Wi-Fi service lacking, especially in the personal spaces of their rooms.

Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel offers a spa area that is generally well-received by guests. The spa features an indoor pool and saunas, contributing to a relaxing experience with professional masseurs providing top-notch services. Wellness offerings are particularly recommended, highlighting the great service that should not be missed. However, it is important to note that spa services are not included in the hotel stay and are charged separately. Guests may also encounter time limits for access to the wellness area. Some noted that the sauna closes early and wished for it to be free for hotel guests. There were also occasional issues with staff presence at the sauna reception. Nonetheless, the many opportunities for wellness within the hotel promise a serene and refreshing stay.

The Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel features a variety of swimming pools including indoor and outdoor options, both utilizing seawater which guests found refreshing and unique. The pools are well-maintained with high cleanliness standards and free access to some pool areas is appreciated. However, the pool areas can become crowded, particularly at peak times and the space could benefit from being larger with more loungers and sunbeds. The temperature of the water tends to be on the cooler side, causing discomfort for some swimmers. The outdoor pool offers pleasant relaxation in a beautiful garden setting and provides access to the sea. Despite the enjoyment of the seawater pools, guests have noted that they close relatively early and access to sunbeds and certain pool areas incurs additional costs. Overall, the pools contribute positively to the resort experience with many guests expressing satisfaction, yet there are opportunities for improvements to enhance comfort and accessibility.

The beach near the Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel offers a pleasant and peaceful experience, nestled in a serene location with direct access just a few meters from the hotel. Guests appreciate its cleanliness and maintenance, noting the beach is tidy and free from crowds. The private beach, while small, provides a secluded atmosphere with plenty of shade under the trees and a variety of beach activities for all ages.

The hotel boasts a beachfront restaurant and convenient amenities, making beach days enjoyable with easy access to snacks and coolers. The surrounding area features beautifully maintained walking paths and a relaxing park space that enhances the overall tranquility. However, some guests mentioned that certain paths to the beach could be in better condition and the grass in the park needed mowing. Despite these minor issues, the close proximity to the sea allows for spontaneous morning swims and the natural, rocky beach setting adds to the charm.

While the beach may not meet everyone's expectations due to its size and rocky nature compared to larger sandy beaches elsewhere, the overall experience is saved by the beautiful location, friendly staff and well-maintained facilities. The hotel's direct beach access and the calm environment make it a wonderful option for guests seeking a relaxing seaside retreat.

Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel offers a variety of parking options for its guests, largely praised for being free of charge. The hotel features ample private and covered parking facilities, ensuring that finding a spot is typically convenient. Outdoor parking and garage options are included in the stay, providing a seamless experience for those traveling by car. The parking areas are well-kept, contributing to the overall positive experience.

However, it is noted that the parking can occasionally become crowded, which might be problematic during peak times. Despite this, the general sentiment highlights the availability of plenty of free parking spaces, offering good and practical parking options for all guests.

Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel offers a variety of activities catering to families and their younger members. Families visiting will find plenty of enjoyment, particularly with the large playgrounds and a specific area devoted to children's activities in the park. These facilities make it an ideal retreat for those traveling with kids. The pool area, though popular with families, can sometimes experience inconsiderate behavior from children diving.

The hotel organizes engaging events such as a Wednesday dance evening which families can enjoy together and special appearances by Santa Claus to delight the youngest guests. Notably, there are organized activities for children both within the hotel premises and on the beach, ensuring that kids have plenty to do throughout their stay.

While the hotel fulfills many needs of families excellently, certain practicalities might fall short, such as the absence of a refrigerator in the room. Despite this, its overall family-friendly environment and excellent location make it a worthwhile destination for guests traveling with children.

3 Star
Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel, a three-star establishment, delivers a mix of experiences typical of its category. The hotel's atmosphere is both peaceful and relaxing, allowing guests to unwind comfortably. It is generally tidy, which adds to the positive overall impression. However, some areas, particularly the three-star rooms, do have a few shortcomings. These rooms can sometimes feature less-than-ideal views, such as bushes and pipes and may suffer from issues like dirty carpets and superficial cleaning. The air conditioning systems function adequately, albeit within the expected range for a hotel of this caliber.

On the downside, the hotel can feel expensive for the level of service provided, especially considering that check-out service has been noted as poor and staff occasionally unresponsive to guest needs. Despite these drawbacks, the attention to the peaceful atmosphere and tidiness can make for a restful stay, balancing the overall value against its shortcomings.

Heated Pool
The Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel offers a heated seawater pool that has garnered positive feedback from guests. Visitors appreciate the indoor pool's consistently warm temperature, enhancing the overall relaxation experience. The wellness area, which includes a sauna and Jacuzzi, complements the inviting and pleasant warmth of the heated pool. Although a few guests suggested that the pool water could be slightly warmer, the general consensus is that the hotel's heated amenities, including the nice and accessible pool, contribute significantly to a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel stands out for its spacious size, making it an excellent choice for swimming laps. Guests appreciate that the pool features sea water, adding to the uniqueness of the experience. However, the pool's operating hours are somewhat limited, closing by 19:00, which may be inconvenient for some visitors. Additionally, there have been instances where the outdoor pool was not open. Families might also enjoy the hotel's outdoor playground, providing more entertainment options for children.

Indoor Pool
The indoor pool at the Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel receives high praise from guests for its spaciousness and cleanliness. The heated seawater feature adds a touch of luxury, making it a popular spot among visitors. Despite occasional closures, the pool remains a significant highlight, often becoming a favored spot for many during their stay. Overall, the interior pool is described as a pleasant and well-maintained facility, enhancing the hotel's appeal.

Yes, Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel.

No, Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel.

No, Bioenergy Resort Salinera Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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