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Summary of reviewsGran Sol in Zahara de los Atunes receives accolades primarily for its exceptional beachfront location. Guests cherish the hotel's convenient position, offering immediate access to the beach and town center, beautiful sea views and proximity to local restaurants, tapas bars and shops. The consensus paints it as an ideal spot for exploring the area's vibrant social and gastronomic scenes while maintaining a tranquil atmosphere.

Breakfast at Gran Sol is generally appreciated for its variety and quality. Guests delight in the broad selection of hot and cold options, spacious dining area with a terrace and attention to dietary needs, including gluten-free choices. The buffet style ensures diverse offerings with many noting the quality of coffee. Despite some critiques about repetition and product quality, the overall breakfast experience is positive.

Dinner experiences vary, largely influenced by the half board option. Guests laud the excellent and well-presented gastronomic menu, praising both food quality and service. However, the limited menu choices within the half board option are a common point of dissatisfaction and some guests find it reminiscent of simpler, less varied meals.

Rooms at Gran Sol present a mixed bag with many refurbished accommodations drawing praise for their modern, spacious and comfortable ambiance, often coupled with fabulous sea views. However, some guests report receiving outdated rooms with old furniture and noise issues, stressing the importance of booking higher-tier rooms for a more consistent experience.

Cleanliness is a strong point at Gran Sol, where both the rooms and common areas are frequently described as immaculate. Daily housekeeping receives commendations, adding to the overall pleasant experience. There are occasional remarks about areas needing improvement, but these are few compared to the glowing reviews.

The staff at Gran Sol earn high marks for their professionalism and friendliness, contributing to the welcoming atmosphere. Guests consistently highlight the helpful and courteous nature of all staff members, from reception to housekeeping.

The hotel's Wi-Fi, however, receives mixed reviews with many guests addressing issues of weak signal and complicated access, though some find it satisfactory.

The pool area stands out as a serene oasis, appreciated for its cleanliness and cozy ambiance, even though it is not particularly large. Guests value the pool bar and the vibrant yet tranquil atmosphere.

Proximity to the beach is a major draw for Gran Sol, offering unmatched access and stunning views. Guests frequently mention the ease of reaching the beach directly from the hotel and enjoying the surrounding amenities, making it perfect for beach lovers.

Families find Gran Sol accommodating with amenities like cribs for babies and a family-friendly staff enhancing the stay. Some guests noted extra charges for additional children, but overall, the welcoming environment is highlighted.

For nightlife enthusiasts, Gran Sol's central location near ample bars and restaurants is perfect. However, this can result in nighttime noise, which might be disruptive to light sleepers depending on room placement.

Bed comfort varies widely with some guests praising the comfort and others finding the mattresses hard or outdated. Consistently, recommendations for improvements in mattress quality and bed configurations are noted.

Gran Sol excels as a three-star hotel, often exceeding expectations for its category with guests frequently deeming it more worthy of higher ratings for its services and amenities. It is seen as a top value for money and a highly recommended choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Business travelers also find Gran Sol convenient, enjoying the accessibility, helpful concierge service and facilities that cater to short-term business stays, despite occasional street noise.

In summary, Gran Sol shines with its prime beachfront location, friendly staff, cleanliness and solid amenities, standing out as an excellent choice for beach vacations, family getaways and short business stays. While there are areas for improvement, such as room consistency and Wi-Fi reliability, the overall guest experience remains highly positive.
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Room Types
Standard Double or Twin Room This elegant, air-conditioned room features flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

Double or Twin Room with Sea View This bright, air-conditioned room features a private balcony with sea views, including views of the Moroccan coast. It comes with flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

Double or Twin Room with Side Sea View This bright, air-conditioned room features a private balcony with side sea views, including views of the Moroccan coast and Carmen de Zahara Beach. It comes with flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

Suite This suite features 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and free toiletries. Boasting a balcony, this suite also features air conditioning, a wardrobe and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Gran Sol in Zahara de los Atunes is frequently praised for its exceptional location. Situated right on the beachfront and bordering the town center, this hotel offers guests the convenience of immediate access to both the beach and a hub of local restaurants and bars. The proximity to the water provides stunning sea views from many of the rooms, ensuring a tranquil and picturesque stay.

The setting is ideal for those looking to explore Zahara's vibrant gastronomic and social scenes with trendy shops and tapas bars just steps away. Reviewers often highlight the unbeatable beachfront position, describing it as the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of Carmen Beach and breathtaking sunsets.

Guests appreciate the cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere, making it a fantastic choice for a relaxing getaway. The location alone makes Gran Sol stand out, providing easy access to everything this charming town has to offer while maintaining a serene environment. If prime, convenient and scenic location are priorities, Gran Sol seems to be the perfect accommodation in Zahara de los Atunes.

Gran Sol's breakfast offerings evoke mixed feelings among guests. On the positive side, many travelers praise the breakfast for its variety and completeness, highlighting a range of hot and cold options, good quality products and a spacious dining area with a lovely terrace for al fresco dining. Guests appreciate the buffet style, noting its ability to cater to diverse dietary needs, including gluten-free options and commend the quality of the coffee, particularly from the Nespresso machines.

The breakfast is frequently described as exceptional, fabulous and very good with some guests declaring it as one of the best parts of their stay. The variety of fruits and the inclusion of fresh, delicious items are also well-received, adding to the appeal.

However, the reviews are not without criticism. Some guests find the breakfast lacking in variety and deem it repetitive or unimaginative. Issues such as the quality of certain products, including industrial-type pastries and processed meats, are pointed out. The absence of fresh juices and limited fruit options also draw some negative comments. Additionally, logistical issues, like running out of products during the last breakfast shift, are mentioned.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall sentiment tilts towards a generally good breakfast experience with many appreciating the effort to maintain a wide and varied selection that is continuously replenished.

The dinner experience at Gran Sol offers a mix of feedback, largely influenced by the hotel's half board option. Guests appreciated the excellent and surprising gastronomic menu, frequently describing the food as delicious and well presented. The restaurant's service and management received high praise with many recommending the dining experience.

However, multiple reviews highlighted limitations. The half board option often disappointed due to restrictive menu choices, typically offering only a single starter and main course, reminiscent of summer camp dishes according to some guests. The lack of variety and limited options for lunch further added to this frustration. Despite these concerns, the quality of the food itself was repeatedly noted as superb and the restaurant ambiance and service were well regarded.

Gran Sol's rooms offer a mixed experience for guests. On the positive side, many travelers appreciate the modern, newly-renovated rooms that are spacious, comfortable and clean with some boasting fabulous sea views and excellent soundproofing. Deluxe rooms with terraces are particularly notable for their size and upgraded amenities.

However, not all rooms share these qualities. Some guests report being assigned to smaller, outdated rooms with old furniture and cleanliness issues. Thin walls and street noise are also recurring complaints. Several rooms showed signs of wear, such as broken fixtures or tired decor, indicating the need for further renovation. While some rooms have beautiful balconies and direct sea views, others face busy streets or internal areas, affecting privacy and noise levels.

Overall, while upgraded rooms at Gran Sol can offer a delightful stay, the inconsistency across different rooms means that booking a higher-tier room might be key to a satisfactory experience.

The reviews of Gran Sol regarding the beds present a mixed picture. On the positive side, guests appreciated the comfort of some beds, describing them as very comfortable, large, soft and even super comfortable. There were also mentions of good mattresses and pillows, clean beds and generally better-than-anticipated beds in some cases.

However, many guests found the beds problematic. Complaints frequently mentioned uncomfortable, hard or small beds and mattresses, often noting they were old or outdated. The issue of separate twin mattresses pushed together instead of genuine double beds was highlighted multiple times. Some guests experienced back pain or other discomforts directly attributed to the beds, including uneven mattress heights, mattresses that made noise and pillows that needed replacement.

Overall, while some guests praised the comfort of their beds at Gran Sol, others suggested significant improvements are needed regarding mattress quality, size and overall comfort.

Gran Sol garners considerable praise for its cleanliness from guests with frequent commendations describing the hotel, its rooms and its common areas as very clean, tidy and well-maintained. Multiple reviews highlight the excellent daily cleaning services, noting that everything was very clean and the facilities were impeccably kept, including the pool and bathrooms.

However, a few guests pointed out areas for improvement, mentioning that the cleanliness in some rooms and common areas did not meet their expectations. Specific issues included fluff on the floor, room cleanliness needing improvement, general cleanliness requiring a renovation and outdated furniture affecting the overall tidiness.

Despite these occasional critiques, the majority of reviewers found the cleanliness of Gran Sol to be satisfactory. The staff often received accolades for contributing to the hotel's overall clean and welcoming atmosphere. Guests appreciated the clean spaces, modern rooms and well-maintained facilities, which significantly enhanced their stay experience.

Visitors to Gran Sol frequently highlight the hotel's exceptional staff, describing them as friendly, helpful and professional. Repeatedly praised for their attentiveness, the reception staff, in particular, receive high marks for their welcoming nature and efficiency during check-in. Hospitality extends across all roles with guests noting that everyone from the front desk to the cleaning crew contributes to a positive and accommodating atmosphere. The team's polite demeanor and willingness to provide excellent customer service consistently enhance the guest experience. Many reviews emphasize that each staff member goes out of their way to make guests feel at home with some pointing out small gestures like providing toiletries and cosmetics, which add a thoughtful touch to their stay. Despite a few isolated comments about unsatisfactory interactions, the overwhelming sentiment portrays a dedicated and charming staff committed to ensuring a pleasant visit to Gran Sol.

The Wi-Fi at Gran Sol has received mixed feedback. While there are positive mentions with some guests finding the connection satisfactory, many others pointed out significant issues. Common complaints include unreliable and weak signals, especially in certain rooms and a Byzantine sign-in process that requires repeated logins. Some found the internet connection complicated to access and overall, the Wi-Fi service often falls short of expectations.

Gran Sol boasts a well-designed and well-maintained pool area that consistently garners positive remarks from guests. This serene and peaceful oasis provides a relaxing escape, often described as spectacular and beautiful. Visitors appreciate the cleanliness and cozy ambiance of the pool, which, despite being not overly large, serves as a refreshing spot after a day at the beach. The area is active, fostering a vibrant atmosphere without losing its tranquility. Although some note occasional issues with murky water and the practice of reserving loungers, overall experiences remain overwhelmingly favorable. A small but charming pool bar complements the space, making the pool area a highlight of any stay at the hotel.

Gran Sol has an enviable position right by the beachfront, offering guests an unmatched proximity to the sand and sea. Whether stepping directly onto the beach or enjoying the magnificent sandy shoreline from the hotel's vantage points, visitors consistently highlight its prime location. The hotel's setting is deemed spectacular, offering stunning beach views and immediate access to refreshing seaside strolls. Guests also appreciate the surrounding amenities, including fine dining, restaurants and bars that complement the dreamy beachside atmosphere. Despite minor concerns about hotel renovations and breakfast quality, the unparalleled beach access and incredible positioning make Gran Sol a desirable destination for beach enthusiasts.

Located conveniently next to the beach, Gran Sol offers a family-friendly atmosphere ideal for those traveling with children. Guests have found it to be the perfect place for families, praising its good facilities and charm. The staff are noted for being friendly and treating children with kindness, making it a welcoming environment for the little ones.

The hotel is known for providing necessary amenities for families, such as cribs for babies, ensuring comfort for even the youngest guests. Many have highlighted the hotel's family-run nature, which adds a personal touch to the hospitality experience.

While generally very positive, a few reviews mentioned that additional charges may apply for a second child, even if they are very young, which some guests found inconvenient. Yet, for the most part, the accommodation and service levels are described as making guests feel right at home.

In summary, despite a few isolated concerns, Gran Sol stands out as a great choice for a beachside family getaway, offering friendly service and suitable facilities for a comfortable stay with children.

Gran Sol is ideally situated for those keen on vibrant nightlife, boasting a prime location near an array of bars and restaurants. Guests have praised the hotel's proximity to numerous entertainment options, making it a perfect spot for night owls. It's easily accessible, nestled right in the heart of a lively district with plenty of nightlife within walking distance.

While the hotel's central location offers unparalleled convenience for those looking to enjoy nearby establishments, this does come with some drawbacks. Many reviews highlight late-night noise from nearby bars and pubs, which can be disruptive for light sleepers. Specifically, noise levels from bar terraces and nightlife venues can persist until the early hours, sometimes even within the hotel. However, some guests have noted that noise disturbance is not always an issue depending on the room's location.

In summary, Gran Sol offers a fantastic setting for enjoying the vibrant local nightlife, though potential guests should be mindful of the possible nighttime noise.

3 Star
Gran Sol consistently receives high praise for its services and facilities, particularly for a three-star hotel. Many guests find it to be exceptional and above average within its category, often suggesting that it merits more than just three stars based on its location and amenities. The hotel provides a solid, reliable option for travelers with up-to-date amenities and a family-friendly atmosphere reminiscent of an old school cafeteria, which contributes to its charm. The restaurant, although not heavily promoted, adds to the overall positive experience. Guests recommend this hotel strongly, citing it as one of the best in its three-star category and a top-notch value for money. Overall, it meets and even exceeds expectations for a three-star establishment, making it a highly recommended choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Gran Sol proves to be a suitable choice for business travelers, especially those in need of a short-term stay. The facilities cater well to business needs, ensuring convenience and comfort. Accessibility is another strong point with easy commutes from Granada and proximity to a nearby convenience store for any urgent needs. Guests found the concierge service straightforward and helpful, particularly when seeking restaurant recommendations. While minor issues like street noise occasionally disrupted work, the overall experience remains positive and commendable for business-related stays.

Outdoor Pool
Gran Sol's outdoor pool receives high praise from guests for its cleanliness and adherence to hygiene standards. Described as a lovely and amazing feature, the pool area is noted to be very nice and often shaded, providing a comfortable space for relaxation. Despite being somewhat small, the pool remains a standout feature for many reviewers who appreciate its great condition and accessibility. Overall, the outdoor pool at Gran Sol is a highlight that contributes positively to the guest experience.

Dog Friendly
Gran Sol is highly regarded for its pet-friendly facilities, making it an excellent choice for travelers with pets. Pet owners can look forward to a welcoming and accommodating environment where dogs and other pets are truly appreciated. The hotel features several amenities geared towards pets, including the provision of dog beds, making it a comfortable stay for furry companions.

Guests have noted that the flat pet fee is a positive aspect, offering predictable costs for those bringing their pets. Additionally, animals are allowed in various parts of the hotel and the terrace is a favored spot for breakfast among pet owners.

Though the hotel has a limited capacity for large pets, it remains a great destination for those traveling with smaller animals. With pets allowed and welcomed, Gran Sol provides a pleasing and hassle-free experience for both pets and their owners.

Gran Sol boasts an exceptional beachfront location right on the first line of the beach, providing direct access to the stunning sands. This prime positioning allows guests to enjoy the proximity of the beach and amazing beach views from their rooms. Conveniently situated in the town of Zahara de los Atunes, everything is within a short walking distance, enhancing the ease of accessing local attractions and amenities. The hotel's location, adjacent to the beach of Carmen, offers a serene escape while keeping guests connected to the vibrant town center. With an outstanding position right by the beach, Gran Sol is the perfect destination for beach lovers seeking both relaxation and convenience.

Yes, Gran Sol has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Gran Sol.

Yes, Gran Sol welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Gran Sol.

Yes, Gran Sol has a gym.

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