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Summary of reviewsHotel Sylter Hof enjoys an enviable location perfect for exploring Westerland. It sits just a short walk from the city center, the beach and the train station, making it ideal for convenient exploration. The peaceful setting offers a tranquil retreat while maintaining close proximity to local attractions such as shopping streets and pedestrian zones. This exceptional placement allows guests to navigate Westerland efficiently, positioning the hotel as a top choice for leisure and convenience.

The breakfast at Hotel Sylter Hof stands out as a highlight for guests, frequently described as fantastic, exceptional and delicious. The diverse and freshly replenished offerings—including customized egg dishes, fresh fruit salad, Prosecco and a variety of bread and cheese selections—ensure that the meal meets high standards. The friendly and accommodating staff further enhance the breakfast experience, contributing to a superb start to each day.

The rooms at Hotel Sylter Hof are another significant positive with guests appreciating their spaciousness, modern design and cleanliness. Many rooms are described as cozy and comfortably decorated with the junior suites being particularly well-received for their ample space and thoughtful decorations. Comfortable beds, well-equipped bathrooms and diligent housekeeping maintain a high standard of quality, despite minor issues such as room temperature and slight furnishings improvements.

Hotel Sylter Hof excels in cleanliness, consistently praised for its well-maintained and modern rooms. The overall hotel area, including the wellness facilities, is kept exceptionally clean with housekeeping providing top-notch service. This rigorous adherence to hygiene measures, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, provides guests with a secure and comfortable environment.

Exceptional staff is a cornerstone of the hotel's positive reviews. Guests find the team to be attentive, friendly and accommodating, from reception to the breakfast service. Their warmth and helpfulness significantly contribute to a relaxed and family-like atmosphere, enhancing the overall guest experience.

The spa facilities, including a sauna and indoor pool, offer a relaxing and well-maintained retreat. Although some guests find the spa small, it is generally seen as exclusive and adequate, providing a pleasant experience. The cleanliness and upkeep of the wellness area further add to its appeal, although there are occasional mentions of minor issues with the pool heater and suggestions for sauna improvements.

Feedback on the pool area is generally positive. It boasts a beautiful and exclusive ambiance, though some guests feel it is small and occasionally too cold. Despite these drawbacks, the overall quality and atmosphere of the pool area are appreciated.

Parking at Hotel Sylter Hof is convenient with private parking available directly at the hotel. Although an additional fee is usually charged, guests find the parking situation satisfactory, noting the ease of parking spaces right outside the door.

The beds receive high praise for their comfort and quality, contributing to a restful sleep. Most guests are pleased with the firm and supportive mattresses, although some mention that double beds are essentially two single beds pushed together. Pillows receive mixed feedback, but the overall emphasis remains on the excellent comfort of the beds.

While there are some criticisms about outdated features and higher prices compared to other four-star hotels, most reviews affirm that Hotel Sylter Hof offers a warm, clean and comfortable stay with very good service. Though certain rooms may not fully meet four-star expectations, the overall experience is highly positive and aligns well with the hotel's intended standard.
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Room Types
Single Room No extra beds are available in this room category.

Double Room - Sylter Hof No extra beds are available in this room category.

Junior Suite - Villa Kristina (no pet) Spacious suite which includes satellite TV and has an en suite bathroom with a hairdryer. Please note that and no pets are allowed in the Villa Kristina part of the hotel.

Double Room - Villa Kristina (no pet) Spacious room which features satellite TV and has an en suite bathroom with a hairdryer. Please note that and no pets are allowed in the Villa Kristina part of the hotel.

Junior Suite - Sylter Hof This suite has a seating area with a sofa.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Sylter Hof stands in a perfect location for visitors looking to explore Westerland with ease and convenience. The hotel is ideally positioned just a short walk from the vibrant city center, the pristine beach and the Westerland train station, making it incredibly accessible whether arriving by train or planning to explore the area on foot. Nestled in a peaceful neighborhood, the quiet ambiance provides a tranquil retreat, yet guests will find themselves in close proximity to all the local attractions, including shopping streets, pedestrian zones and cycling paths.

The central location of Hotel Sylter Hof means that everything Westerland has to offer is just a stone's throw away. Guests can enjoy a quick stroll to various downtown amenities such as businesses, supermarkets and bike rentals. The beach, perfect for a day of relaxation and recreation, is also only a few minutes away by foot, contributing to the convenience and appeal of the hotel's location. Additionally, visitors have highlighted the strategic placement between the city center and the beach, which offers the best of both worlds for a fulfilling stay.

Overall, the exemplary central placement of Hotel Sylter Hof allows guests to easily and efficiently reach key destinations in Westerland, making it a top choice for both leisure and convenience.

Hotel Sylter Hof's breakfast offerings seem to have left an overwhelmingly positive impression on its guests. Many reviews highlight the breakfast as diverse, rich and always freshly replenished with a wide selection that meets all expectations. Freshly prepared egg dishes, ranging from scrambled eggs and omelettes to pancakes, add a personalized touch, emphasizing the individual service aspect frequently praised by visitors.

Guests also note the breakfast's high quality with exceptional options like super fresh fruit salad, Prosecco, juices, a variety of bread and rolls, as well as cheese and fish selections. For those who enjoy luxury in the morning, champagne and late riser's breakfast until 12:00 PM are special mentions.

The accommodating and friendly staff significantly enhance the breakfast experience, consistently providing excellent service. Coupled with the great location of the hotel, the breakfast, whether enjoyed in the inviting and well-organized breakfast room or through precision room service, creates a superb start to the day.

In summary, the breakfast at Hotel Sylter Hof is frequently described as fantastic, exceptional and delicious, making it a notable highlight of the guest experience.

Hotel Sylter Hof boasts an impressive array of rooms that cater to various preferences and needs. Guests consistently highlight the spaciousness and tasteful furnishings of the accommodations with many rooms described as very cozy and comfortably decorated. The junior suites, in particular, receive praise for being optimal for smaller groups and offering ample space.

The rooms are noted for their cleanliness and modern design, making for a pleasant and comfortable stay. Many reviews emphasize the excellent condition and high-quality furnishings found throughout the hotel, including well-equipped and functional bathrooms featuring great features.

Most guests find the beds to be super comfortable and the rooms well-maintained by the diligent housekeeping staff. The standard double rooms and single rooms are deemed adequate in size, while some might find a few rooms on the smaller side.

Balconies facing the street provide a nice addition to the larger rooms, offering comfortable seating, while the Kristina suite and junior suites are particularly noted for their spaciousness and thoughtful decoration. Although some reviews mention minor issues such as room temperature and suggestions for slight furnishings improvements, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive, praising the accommodation as modern, well-organized and meticulously clean.

Visitors to Hotel Sylter Hof have generally praised the beds, describing them as very comfortable, well-maintained and modern. Guests often mention the good quality of the mattresses, contributing to a restful sleep experience. The beds and sofas are noted for their comfort with some calling them "dream beds."

While most reviews are positive, a few guests did mention that the double beds are essentially two single beds pushed together, sometimes resulting in an unwanted gap. Despite this, the overall consensus is that the hotel's beds are firm, sufficiently supportive and conducive to comfort.

Pillows, however, received mixed feedback with some guests feeling that they did not meet their satisfaction. Nevertheless, the emphasis remains on the excellent comfort of the beds, making them a highlight of the stay at Hotel Sylter Hof.

Hotel Sylter Hof excels in maintaining exceptional cleanliness throughout the property. The rooms are consistently described as very clean, well-maintained and modern, providing guests with a comfortable stay. The overall hotel area, including the wellness facilities such as the sauna and swimming pool, is noted for being exceptionally clean and spacious. Housekeeping is praised for their top-notch service, ensuring that both the rooms and common areas remain spotless. Guests appreciate the hotel's adherence to hygiene measures, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic with sophisticated and well-organized procedures in place. The staff are frequently mentioned as being super nice, further enhancing the positive experience regarding cleanliness. Overall, Hotel Sylter Hof provides a super clean and comfortable environment, making it a reliable choice for travelers prioritizing hygiene.

Hotel Sylter Hof has garnered significant praise for its exceptional staff, consistently described as attentive, friendly and accommodating. The hotel team is frequently highlighted for their warmth and helpfulness, ensuring that guests feel welcome and at ease. Reception staff are particularly noted for their friendly demeanor, often going above and beyond to meet guests' needs and fulfill their wishes. The breakfast team receives accolades for their fantastic service, being both courteous and attentive.

Guests repeatedly comment on the professionalism and competence displayed by the staff, which contributes to a well-maintained and clean environment. The staff in the swimming pool and sauna area are also acknowledged for their attentive service. Overall, the positive interactions with the hotel’s employees enhance the relaxed and family-like atmosphere of the hotel, leaving visitors completely satisfied and highly recommending the establishment for its impeccable service.

Hotel Sylter Hof's spa facilities offer guests a diverse and satisfying experience. Many reviews highlight the wellness area as being nicely designed and well-maintained, featuring a sauna and indoor pool that are praised for their fantastic quality. Although the spa is described as small by some, others see it as exclusive and perfectly adequate, noting that the space still offers a relaxing atmosphere. The sauna, particularly when available upon request, receives compliments for its beauty and functionality.

Guests also appreciate the cleanliness and upkeep of the facilities with several reviews mentioning how the wellness area adequately implemented pandemic-related measures. On the downside, there were occasional mentions of the pool heater being broken and some suggestions that the sauna area could see improvements.

In addition to the spa amenities, the hotel also boasts a delicious and rich breakfast buffet and very friendly staff, enhancing the overall guest experience. Although the wellness and fitness areas were sometimes closed due to pandemic restrictions, the available amenities have been well received when accessible. Overall, the spa area at Hotel Sylter Hof provides a pleasant and enjoyable retreat for visitors seeking relaxation and wellness.

The pool at Hotel Sylter Hof receives varied feedback from guests, generally tilting towards the positive. Guests have described the pool as beautiful and well-maintained, highlighting the exclusive feel it provides. Families will be glad to find a small wellness area featuring a children's corner pool. However, some reviews refer to the pool as small and not ideal for swimming laps. There's also mention of the pool being cold at times, likely due to a broken heater. Despite these minor setbacks, the pool area, complete with a sauna, is often praised for its overall quality and pleasing ambiance.

Parking at Hotel Sylter Hof is generally well-received with the convenience of having private parking available right at the hotel. Guests appreciate the optimal and good parking spaces with some mentioning easy parking right outside the door and in the courtyard. The hotel's own parking lot is also noted for its direct proximity behind the building. However, it should be noted that there is an additional fee, typically EUR 9.50 per day, although some reviews mention free parking and relatively cheap options. Overall, the parking situation at Hotel Sylter Hof is considered satisfactory with a few mixed comments on its pricing.

4 Star
Hotel Sylter Hof offers a much-needed escape from work stress, providing excellent relaxation and comfort. Guests have praised the hotel for being warm, clean and comfortable, alongside its very good service. Despite some criticisms regarding outdated features and higher prices compared to other four-star hotels, many reviews still describe the experience as truly four-star and perfect accommodation. However, there have been mentions that certain rooms, like room No. 145, do not meet the four-star standard. Overall, while the hotel receives high marks for its service and comfort, some aspects may not align with the expectations of a four-star rating.

Yes, Hotel Sylter Hof has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Sylter Hof.

Yes, Hotel Sylter Hof welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Sylter Hof.

Yes, Hotel Sylter Hof has a gym.

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